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Pork Roll Ice Cream A Hot Item At New Jersey Farm

The ice cream incorporates Taylor ham, a state specialty, and French toast flavors.

A New Jersey farm’s newest product brings new meaning to the term “pigging out.”

Windy Brow Farms in Fredon Township recently introduced an ice cream flavored by Taylor ham, a type of pork roll considered a regional specialty.

The ham is pretty salty, so much so that managing partner Jake Hunt admits that an ice cream with only the pork flavor would be “gross,” according to

To balance things out, Hunt says he added some French toast and maple syrup to make it both “super sweet and super salty.″

Hunt is happy with how the ham ice cream came out, especially considering how other flavors have failed.

For instance, there was that black truffle, honey and chili flavor that bombed with customers. The farm also sells seasonal fruits and vegetables and bakery items along with its ice cream.

“Not many people want mushroom ice cream,” Hunt told the Bergen Record. “Maybe late in the season.”

The Taylor ham ice cream is the first of a series of sweets the farm is marketing as “Only in Jersey,” according to The Associated Press.

You can see customers’ reactions to the ice cream in the video below.