08/08/2019 15:31 EDT

Post Malone Is A Big Shania Twain Fan

"You gotta have the Twain!"

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Rapper Post Malone listens to Shania Twain backstage.

Post Malone may be a fan of face tattoos, beer bongs, and Crocs, but some of his tastes are good, too.

Namely, he’s into the power pop anthems of Canadian country music queen Shania Twain. Aren’t we all?

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, the host asked the rapper what kind of hijinks happen backstage at his shows.

“It’s a lot of Shania Twain,” Post Malone (real name Austin Post) replied. 

Fallon agrees with this choice, naturally: “You gotta have the Twain!” he exclaims. “You gotta have the Twain,” Post Malone repeats.


The other backstage activities, apparently, are playing beer pong and feasting on gummy bears and Cheetos. Hey, there are worse ways to spend a night!

The two later played a game of beer pong that, of course, involved Post Malone yelling, “This one’s for Shania, baby!” before taking a successful shot.

The exchange was fun enough to make it to the show’s Instagram account, where Twain herself weighed in the next day. 

“Great taste!” she wrote, with the kissy-face emoji.

Instagram / fallontonight

As far as unlikely musical appreciations go, this is a pretty fun one. They do both have music videos set in the desert, although hers doesn’t involve anyone getting stabbed and then rising from the grave.

Does Post Malone rock out to her more country-tinged oldies, like “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?” or does he prefer the poppier hits?

And if Shania listens to his stuff, do we think she’d prefer his party hits or his acoustic jams? Or maybe, like so many of us, she’s just searching for a good old-fashioned breakup anthem.

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