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Please Enjoy These Photos Of A Young Prince Harry At Eton

The Duke of Sussex even had bikini pics hanging in his dorm room.

Prince Harry is a married man with a proud military career behind him and lots of royal responsibility now, but there was a time when he was just a kid at boarding school with bikini photos on his wall. 

Pictures of the young royal at Eton College, a posh prep school for boys, are making the rounds on the internet yet again.

One of the photos shows Harry sitting in his dorm room between his desk and dresser, which display a photo of his late mother, some papers and cups, and a stereo.  

Tim Graham via Getty Images
Prince Harry in his dorm room in 2003. The picture of his mother, Princess Diana, sits on the desk to the far left.

On the walls behind the grinning prince are a few pictures of bikini-clad women and the kind of tapestry you’d expect to see hanging on any dorm wall: 

Can you spot the pics? 
Check out that toothbrush on the bottom left!

According to The Telegraph, Harry told children during a 2015 visit to a Cape Town, South Africa, youth detention center that he “didn’t enjoy” his time at school. 

“My name is Prince Harry, the Queen of England’s grandson, Princess Diana’s son. I’ve come all the way from England to see you guys. I’m interested to hear all your stories,” he reportedly said. “I didn’t enjoy school at all. I would like to have come to a place like this. When I was at school, I wanted to be the bad boy.” 

A “bad boy” who knew how to make toast and hang with skeletons, apparently: 

Tim Graham via Getty Images
Prince Harry makes a slice of toast in his house kitchen at Eton College.
Tim Graham via Getty Images
The teenage prince at Eton College's Drawing School.

According to people who went to Eton with Harry, the school tried to make sure the royal had as normal an experience as possible. 

“He had normal friends; he used to go to people’s birthday parties. He used to go out with people in London and go to clubs,” the source, identified as Alexander, told The Cut. “He had bodyguards but they’d kind of hang in the background and try and let him develop and grow up and live his life as much as possible.”

Alexander added, “I think Eton as well has a tradition of having people there from aristocratic backgrounds. They’re kind of used to dealing with those people and making sure they are integrated properly.” 

Take a look through more photos of Harry at Eton, which show him doing everything from acting in a play to posing for princely glamour shots: 

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