12/13/2017 15:13 EST

Here's How To Spot Princes William And Harry In 'Star Wars'

Look for the royals in a galaxy far, far away.

POOL New / Reuters
Prince William during a visit to the "Star Wars" film set on April 19, 2016. 

Prince Harry and Prince William looked like bona fide movie stars on Tuesday at the London premiere of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

Both men are huge fans of the “Star Wars” series, and they have secret cameo appearances in the latest film. They’re dressed as stormtroopers in an elevator scene with actors Jon Boyega, Tom Hardy and Gary Barlow, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  

Price William and Prince Harry arrive at Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday.

Boyega recently spoke with the publication about what it was like to work with the royals

“It wasn’t intimidating, it was fun,” he said. “I thought, like, ‘Of course, it’s “Star Wars,” they’re going to bring the royal family.’ It felt fun. They were in stormtrooper costumes.”

William and Harry were each gifted stormtrooper helmets at the premiere, according to Kensington Palace. 

POOL New / Reuters
Look familiar, Harry? 
Hannah Mckay / Reuters
Hanging out with a co-star. 
Karwai Tang via Getty Images
Fellow stormtroopers!
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images
Handsome movie stars!

We can’t wait to spot them in the film. 

POOL New / Reuters
Nailed it! 

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” hits theaters Friday, Dec. 15. 

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