05/23/2019 16:46 EDT | Updated 05/30/2019 10:50 EDT

Prince William May Have Revealed A Sweet Nickname For Princess Charlotte

It's French, and probably not herb-related.

Prince William might have revealed Princess Charlotte’s nickname in the cute Instagram video that hit the internet this week. 

In a short Instagram video posted by the official Kensington Royal account on Monday, Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince Louis can be seen playing with their parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, at the Chelsea Flower Show.

They’re in the Back to Nature Garden, co-designed by the Duchess of Cambridge along with the RHS and architects Andree Davis and Adam White. It’s meant to showcase the ways in which nature can benefit mental and physical health, according to the official Kensington Palace Instagram account.

The video shows the royal family exploring the garden before the public opening. After playing with Prince George on a rope swing, Prince William calls out to his daughter. He unexpectedly refers to Princess Charlotte as “Mignonette.”

While mignonette often refers to an herb and also a condiment used on oysters, this pet name is likely derived from the French word “mignon,” which Collins-English dictionary defines as “small and pretty.” Collins French-English dictionary translates “mignon” to “sweet and cute.”

Regardless of the exact translation, the internet is losing their minds over this discovery. “This has been the best thing of 2019 so far, we’ve been blessed,” one Instagram commenter said. “I just watched this like 15 times nonstop. Can’t handle it,” added another.

This is not the first nickname we have heard from the Royal Family. Earlier this year, Prince George told a dog walker that he goes by Archie, which raised a few eyebrows when we found out Baby Sussex’s name months later.

There’s some debate in the video’s comment section over what Prince William is actually saying. Some think he may be asking, “Have you been on here?” referring to the swing that Prince George, rates an adorable 20/10.

But most seem to agree (or hope) that Prince William is doting on his daughter instead. If this is the case, it’s a 20/10 nickname choice.

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