Princess Charlotte Wants A Pony For Christmas And Other Royal Kid Wishes

Pony up, Will and Kate!

Princess or not, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are definitely raising a horse girl. She’s taking riding lessons, is decorating her stuff with horses, and has now channeled her inner Lisa Simpson/Tina Belcher for a very appropriate Christmas wish: the four-year-old royal is asking her parents for a pony.

Who among us hasn’t gone through a pony phase? The hoofed animals are a fairly common request from kids, particularly girls. And like most of those kids, Princess Charlotte’s dreams will be dashed.

“She’s asked for a pony, but might have to wait until next year because William thinks she’s too young,” a source told Closer.

Denying their kids an over-the-top holiday demand: the royals, they’re just like us!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. 
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. 

Charlotte can rest easy knowing she hasn’t asked Santa for the most ridiculous present, as that achievement is reserved for her brother’s wishlist from 2017.

Luckily, the princess has a few bargaining tactics she can use against her parents, namely the old-fashioned “BUT GREAT-GRAN GOT ONE!” The queen is a bona-fide equestrian, having received a Shetland pony from her own father at the age of four.

What Santa’s getting the royal kids

Reports are varied on Prince George’s Christmas wishes. Prince William revealed his son’s wish list on a holiday special.

“He loves his drawing, he’s a very good drawer. We might give him something to do with drawing, or football,” Wills said on “A Berry Royal Christmas.”

It’s going to be hard to top lessons from Roger Federer, but Prince George’s love for tennis makes for easy gift-giving too.

Prince George Moments

The unnamed source told Closer he asked for a racket and a foosball table, adding that both siblings are getting play kitchen sets as well.

Prince Louis and Prince Archie aren’t old enough to write any wishlists, but they’ll definitely be unwrapping goodies on Christmas Eve, as is British royal custom.

Archie’s gotten one of his surprises early: he was sent a custom luxury sack from Harrow and Green in November, which he’ll likely open while holidaying in Canada.

And as is tradition with the adults, the kids might be on the receiving end of a royal gag gift: leather toilet seat, anyone?

The pros and cons of a Christmas pony

Money may be no object for the Royal Family, but there are plenty of issues a Christmas pony can bring. A child might outgrow their love for the animal. And it may sound superficial, but a surprise pony might not be the right colour or type that your little one desires.

In general, pets as presents are a bad idea. Instead of surprise ownership, consider alternatives like toy ponies and stable visits. And if that doesn’t work, it costs nothing to pretend to be your little one’s noble steed for the day.

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