Celebs Can't Resist The Push-up Challenge Either

Drop and give us 20, Jennifer Garner!

If you’re anything like us, you may be watching your friends’ Instagram stories with dread, hoping they don’t tag you in a video of them doing push-ups as part of the #pushupchallenge.

It’s exactly what it sounds like: if you’re tagged to answer the call, you have to do anywhere from 10 to 20 (or more) push-ups, and film a video where you then tag other friends, and so on.

Since gyms are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and everyone should be staying at home and practicing social distancing, this challenge has taken off with regular folks and celebs, who are also finding other creative ways to stay active.

Watch the video above to see who’s blasting through those push-ups and who could use a little help — and who did their own thing altogether (Jenga blocks?).

And, if you want to bone up on how to properly do a push-up, check out the videos below: