01/11/2021 17:18 EST | Updated 01/11/2021 21:34 EST

Quebec Couple Fined After Woman Found ‘Walking’ Partner On Leash After Curfew

Walking your dog and walking your adult male partner like a dog are not the same thing.

Quebec’s new curfew inspired some doggone creative rule-breaking this past weekend. 

The province’s 8 p.m. curfew went into effect Saturday night as part of the latest wave of restrictions targeting COVID-19’s spread. Police reported a slew of tickets and fines issued over the weekend, including 200 tickets alone on Saturday night for Quebeckers found breaking curfew. 

Chief among them? A Sherbrooke couple who determined that “walking your dog” is roughly equivalent to “walking your adult male human partner on a leash.”

Just to get this out of the way right at the top: it’s not. 

alexis84 via Getty Images
Walking a person is not the same as walking your dog. 

In a statement to HuffPost Canada, a Sherbrooke Police Service spokesperson confirmed the couple had been spotted walking after 9 p.m. on the city’s eastern side.

When approached by police, the 24-year-old woman was holding a 40-year-old man on a leash and claimed to be walking her “dog.” The woman claimed they were among exceptions granted by the government.

For the record, neither the Quebec or federal governments have said anything about walking your partner on a leash while roleplaying. Actual essential dog-walking — and we’re talking four legs and a furry tail — is a real exemption for the Quebec curfew.

According to Sherbrooke police, the individuals were uncooperative and each received a ticket for $1,546 for not complying with curfew.

The Quebec curfew is set to last until at least Feb. 8, so if anyone else tries this, get ready for the doghouse. 

No word yet on how leash-kids factor into all of this.