01/17/2018 10:46 EST | Updated 01/17/2018 10:46 EST

Quebec To Raise Minimum Wage To $12 on May 1

The 75-cent increase will put Quebec behind Alberta and Ontario.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

MONTREAL — Quebec will raise the province's minimum wage to $12 an hour as of May 1.

The 75-cent increase from the the current rate of $11.25 was confirmed today by Labour Minister Dominique Vien and is the largest hike in Quebec history.

Vien says in a statement the rise is in line with a four-year plan to have the minimum wage equivalent to 50 per cent of the average provincial hourly wage by 2020, without exceeding that level.

She also says Quebec's thriving economy has helped the average hourly salary rise more quickly than anticipated.

The raise represents between $462 and $979 in the pocketbooks of minimum wage earners, depending on hours worked and family situation.

At $12, Quebec's minimum wage would rank third highest in the country behind Alberta's and Ontario's.

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