06/17/2019 14:36 EDT

Raptors Parade Fans Had The Best Signs And Tributes

Everyone was on cloud nine and it was totally contagious.

Legions of Toronto Raptors fans engulfed the city’s downtown core Monday for a massive parade to celebrate the team’s historic NBA win.

To say that fans were excited would be a criminal understatement worthy of prosecution. The city was absolutely enthralled. Officials said they expected up to two million people to turn up for the event, and based on the photos and videos coming out of the scenes, that number sure looks believable.

Watch: Raptors fandemonium brings Toronto a standstill. Story continues below:


And yet despite the ocean of humanity that flooded the city, some fans still managed to stand out with their hilariously unique tributes, jokes and signs for the NBA champs.

For starters, there was this sign for the KLAWSIAH:


There was this pun-tastic shirt honouring the Raptors’ Kawhi Leonard’s glorious catchphrase:


There was a “plant guy” impostor:


Maija Kappler/HuffPost Canada
This Raptors fan confirmed he was not the original "plant guy," but just wanted the team's Kawhi Leonard to have multiple housewarming plant options. So thoughtful!

A quick refresher for this one: Last week, when the Raptors electrified the entire nation with their first-ever NBA championship victory, a man wandered the streets of Toronto carrying a plant that he said was a “housewarming gift” for Leonard. And what did he call this plant? A Kawactus.

And just like that, a legend was born.

Actually, scratch that. There were apparently multiple plant guy impostors:

There was a guy offering people “chips with the dip”:



Mandatory context for this one: Shortly after the Raptors’ championship win, eternal Raptors cheerleader and also rapper Drake spoke to some reporters and announced that he wanted his “chips with the dip.” A “chip” here, of course, refers to a championship, while dip is, well, dip?

Again, another mini-meme was born.

Even police officers couldn’t resist:

Because the world is good, there were also RAPTORS DOGGOS, like ‘WIENER NORTH’:


Maija Kappler/HuffPost Canada


Maija Kappler/HuffPost Canada
This is Boo, although his owner told HuffPost Canada that we can refer to him as "wiener north," which we ABSOLUTELY WILL.

And here’s Hershey:


Maija Kappler/HuffPost Canada

Last but not least, a round of golf claps to the fans who wore a disguise so their employer wouldn’t know why they mysteriously didn’t show up to work:


That’s dedication.