06/12/2019 14:37 EDT | Updated 06/20/2019 10:18 EDT

Reasons to Buy True to Nature Products

The urge to live better is everywhere, with naturally sourced, recyclable products top of mind for Canadians who want to preserve our planet for generations to come. When it comes to oral and skin care, natural takes on greater significance.

In partnership with Burt’s Bees, here are the reasons to switch to true to nature products.

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Peace of mind (and body)

Parabens, phthalates and sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) are some of the common synthetic additives in personal care products. Taking them out of the equation while keeping the desired ingredients intact makes for an easy transition.

Start reading labels on all your beauty products and begin switching to products that are free of synthetic ingredients. When it comes to lip care products Burt’s Bees checkmarks all the boxes. Made with 100% natural ingredients, natural hydration for your lips leaves them feeling soft and smooth. Plus, it’s formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS, so you can apply during the day guilt-free.

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Less plastic 

According to Ocean Legacy, as of 2014, more than five trillion pieces of non-biodegradable plastic are floating in the world’s waters. When it comes to reversing the tide, awareness and recycling are key. Burt’s Bees Purely White Toothpaste packaging is 100% recyclable through a partnership with Terracycle.

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Preserves our water

Producing clothing and beauty products takes away fresh water from our lakes and rivers. Ensuring the items you buy are made with recycled or reduced water means we can keep our lakes clean for future use and protect delicate ecosystems.

When it comes to the personal care, research beauty companies driving toward water protection like Burt’s Bees Company, which has been reclaiming water from its manufacturing process, so it uses less.

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Protects animals

Keep our furry friends safe by ensuring your personal care and beauty products are not tested on animals. How can you find out if a product is cruelty-free? Look for the Leaping Bunny logo

Be a true force of nature with Burt’s Bees.