Will And Kate Send Thanks To B.C. Hospital Workers In Video Call

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge called a group of B.C. hospital workers Wednesday.

Hospital workers in B.C. received a special royal thank you for the work they’ve done throughout the COVID-19 pandemic Wednesday.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge participated in a Canada Day video call with six Fraser Health staff members at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Prince William and Kate spoke with the health care workers about the challenges the workers faced fighting COVID-19, including dealing with being away from their families.

“[We] just wanted to touch base and say how proud we are of all of you, of everyone on the front line, who have led the way very stoically, very bravely and put patient care right at the top of the list and have done a fantastic job,” Prince William said.

“We’re in huge admiration of everything that you’re doing.”

- Duchess of Cambridge

The workers also spoke about mental health challenges and the sense of community that has developed among staff. One social worker talked about dealing with her own pregnancy throughout the pandemic, and how support from the community and co-workers has motivated her to keep going.

“It’s an amazing role that you’re playing, and a hugely tough one as well,” Kate said. “We’re in huge admiration of everything that you’re doing.”

The royal couple have a special connection with Canada having spent their honeymoon in 2011 travelling across the country. They returned to the west coast in 2016 as a family for another royal tour.

The Duke and Duchess finished their video call with hospital staff by saying they hope to make it out to Canada to thank health-care workers in person sometime soon.