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Ryan Gosling Turns 40 This Year, Reminding People Of His Talents

A Canadian scorpio king!

Which famous Canadian named Ryan once lived with Justin Timberlake, has a Baldwin lookalike, and turns 40 on Nov. 12?

If Ryan Gosling came to mind, you’re right on the money. (And for those of you who thought of Ryan Reynolds, please enroll in a refresher course stat.) Watch the video above for more little-known facts about Gosling.

The illustrious Canadian actor has kept his life under wraps since his stellar 2018 portrayal of Neil Armstrong in “First Man,” with few life updates shared publicly this year — save for wife Eva Mendes’ report last month that the pandemic has kept him busy parenting their two daughters.

The radio silence has clearly left people in a state of Gosling nostalgia, as news of the “La La Land” lead’s big day on Twitter caused many to bring up what they love about the London, Ont.-born performer:

His acting chops are second-to-none

From romantic films like “The Notebook” to gritty-genre classics like “Drive,” Gosling has a history of giving world-class performances in whatever project he works on.

He’s always been a looker

Hey, there’s a reason “The Notebook” was swoon-worthy.

How Gosling looks under neon lights, such as in films like “Blade Runner 2049,” was very appreciated.

Gosling has been a triple threat since day one

Don’t forget his comedic timing

His SNL appearances never fail to cause chuckles (and in the case of one skit with Kate McKinnon, barely hid his own).

Let’s call Nov. 12 “Ryan Gosling Day” from here on out, shall we?

People are already celebrating it in true Ryan fashion: With good tunes and silliness galore.

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