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Ryan Reynolds Has A Pro Tip For Pesky Holiday Guests In Jimmy Fallon Skit

Celebrities! They have the same party problems as us!

Ryan Reynolds has really been setting himself up as the man who will solve all your problems. Need to re-hash your public image after a bad commercial? Ryan’s there. Need help with your SNL monologue? Ryan’s got you. Or maybe just some good old gin to get you through the holiday season?

And now, Reynolds has found a cheeky solution to a persistent and pesky holiday problem that happens every year no matter what you try — getting your friends to leave your festive soiree (which you inevitably regret hosting because they won’t leave!).

In a sketch from Jimmy Fallon’s late night show earlier this week, Reynolds tries all the classic moves to turf his guests — the not-so-subtle mention of time, exaggerated yawning, and even just standing up and saying it’s really, seriously, time for everyone to go, please.

Finally, Reynolds brings out the big guns — a Yankee candle in a scent designed just for the occasion. Watch the skit above and try his method at your own risk.

Look: Celebrities in ugly Christmas sweaters!

Celebs In Ugly Christmas Sweaters
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