08/04/2020 03:23 EDT | Updated 08/04/2020 08:10 EDT

Ex-Trump Aide Sebastian Gorka's Big Idea To Open Schools: ‘Body Condoms’ For Teachers

"Put the bloody teachers in body condoms. I don’t care," the right-wing radio host railed, decrying schools that aren't reopening during the coronavirus pandemic.

Right-wing radio host Sebastian Gorka railed against school closures during the coronavirus pandemic on his show Monday.

“Put the bloody teachers in body condoms. I don’t care,” the former aide to President Donald Trump told Michael Knowles, a commentator for the right-wing website The Daily Wire.

“Put them in hazmat suits,” Gorka added. “I don’t care.”

Gorka left the Trump White House in 2017. He remains a staunch advocate for the president and has been tapped for a role on the National Security Education Board

Despite the raging pandemic, Trump has repeatedly pushed for businesses and schools to reopen in a bid to boost the economy ahead of the 2020 election, tweeting Monday night:

Public health experts and education unions, however, say funding has to be in place to ensure the safety of students and teachers when in-person education resumes.

In June, Gorka stoked controversy by describing face masks as “Democrat Islamo-Maoist masks.” 

“You mean the COVID burqas, the COVID masks?” said Gorka, who has made anti-Islamic remarks on previous occasions, while boasting about not covering his face during a visit to a post office.

Trump refused for months to wear a mask in public and mocked others who did so. He has in recent weeks changed tack, even going so far in a new campaign email to say it was “patriotic” to do so.

Check out Gorka’s comments here:

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