03/14/2018 16:26 EDT | Updated 09/03/2019 17:57 EDT

25 Titillating Sex Toys Every Couple Should Try Once

Sex toys for couples who are skeptical of sex toys.

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Just like sex, there are many, many kinds of sex toys out there, with even more ways to use them. You’ve got vibrators, stimulators, plugs, rings, toys that go in body parts, ones that go on body parts, and accessories that can be used pretty much anywhere

Finding the right toy for you and your person is a bit of a (naked) guessing game, but there are a few go-to toys couples turn to. From a top-selling orgasm balm, to perineum stimulators, there’s something here for every couple.

Get it on with these 25 sex toys every couple should try once:

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