Let Shawn Mendes Guide You Through Ultra-Specific Canadian Slang

He knows all the GTA terminology.

When Vanity Fair started its “slang school” series, the categories were broad — remember, for instance, Will Arnett introducing Americans to Canadian slang in summer 2018.

Two and a half years later, the series has gotten much more specific. In its latest installment, Canadian singer Shawn Mendes walks viewers through vocabulary from his hometown of Pickering, Ont., about an hour east of Toronto.

Some more general Canadian-isms pop in, but most of the terms are particular to the suburbs in the Greater Toronto Area. The results are pretty funny: it’s not every day you hear “Durham Region Transit” name-checked in Vanity Fair.

Watch the video above to see Mendes’ explanation of darts, the GO train (which you might take “to see Drake at the Scotiabank Aarena”), and beauty.

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