Shay Mitchell's 'Baby Mama Dance' Is A Creative Way To Induce Labour

"If the Baby Mama Dance won't work, what will??"

UPDATE - Oct. 21: Shay Mitchell welcomed a baby girl!

So you’ve tried acupuncture, spicy foods, sex, nipple stimulation, and even hypnosis, but nothing will get that overdue baby out. It may be time to take a page from Shay Mitchell’s pregnancy playbook and try the baby mama dance.

On Thursday, the Canadian TV star — who is expecting her first child with Canadian TV personality Matte Babeluploaded a YouTube video called “Baby Mama Dance” which showed her dancing around her house in an attempt to induce labour.

“I’m officially overdue and trying everything ... dancing, extra-spicy Prince Street pizza, turmeric ice cream (although Matte seems to be having more of it than I do). If the Baby Mama Dance won’t work, what will??” the 32-year-old wrote in the video’s description.

In the video, the former “Pretty Little Liars” star lip syncs to the song “Baby Mama” by Starrkeisha, which is bound to become an anthem for pregnant people everywhere.

“Been pregnant for way too long,” Mitchell sings. “Preggo but I’m still doing moves like Beyoncé ... your opinion is irrelevant ’cause I’m a baby mama, I can do just what I want.”

Other lyrics include, “Baby bottle, I need a baby bottle, baby daddy broke, better hope he hit the lotto. Yeah my belly big but I’m looking like a model,” and ”See me in the club and I’m going full throttle, twerk right, twerk left, take a break ’cause I’m out of breath.”

Mitchell’s been having fun with her pregnancy ever since she announced she and Babel were expecting in June. Along with posting plenty of Instagram pics of her burgeoning belly, the actress also launched a pregnancy YouTube series called “Almost Ready” and has been speaking out on what it’s really like being pregnant, including feeling no shame about wearing adult diapers.

But, not all of her pregnancy talk has been so light-hearted. In an episode of “Almost Ready,” she and Babel, 38, discuss their opinions on epidurals and breastfeeding, with Babel noting he prefers his partner to take a “no drugs” stance during the birth.

“Am I partial to no epidural? Yes,” says Babel. “I meet women all the time who didn’t choose to use epidurals.”

“I just think if you have the innate ability to breastfeed and the kid latches, why wouldn’t you want the best for your baby?” he says. *Cue mom rage.

All we can say is: Shay, you’ve got this!

Correction: A previous version of this story stated that Shay Michell sang the song. The song is actually called “Baby Mama” by Starrkeisha and Mitchell lip synched to it. The story has been corrected.

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