06/06/2019 23:40 EDT

Colbert Reveals The Republican 'Drunken Hook-Up' Everyone Would Love To See

The "Late Show" host says Trump's GOP allies are flirting with a relationship that could go all the way.

President Donald Trump’s trade war with Mexico could have some immediate repercussions for American consumers, according to Stephen Colbert

The “Late Show” host noted that four of the items that could be subject to new tariffs on Mexican imports are pretty popular this time of year: beer, avocados, tomatoes and tequila.

“Trump is putting a tariff on summer!” Colbert declared. 

But this new trade war could be a step too far, even for some of Trump’s GOP allies in Congress. 

Colbert noted a report that said they’re “flirting” with rebellion... then acted out just where that dalliance could lead:  

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