How To Stop Your Kid From Interrupting You: Flip The Switch

Because your child is not, in fact, the centre of the universe.

Do you have kids that are constantly interrupting you?

Teaching our children that they're not, in fact, the centre of the universe is actually one of our most important tasks, says parenting expert Alyson Schafer. Children need to learn to have consideration for other people, whether it's family members or classmates, Schafer says.

In this edition of Flip The Switch, Schafer shares her tips for handling kids who interrupt. Watch the video below for her advice.

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Try using the dinner table as a training ground, Schafer suggests. When your child is holding the salt shaker, it's his or her turn to talk. When someone else takes it, it's time to listen, Schafer says.

"They'll quickly learn that everybody has a turn, and it's much nicer to have the floor and have people listen than to talk over one another," Schafer says.

And when your child inevitably runs up to you as you're in the middle of another conversation, try using a signal to let him or her know you'll make a pause in the conversation for them, Schafer adds, promising that "it will work."