12/06/2017 12:59 EST

Terry Crews Says His Mission Is To Give Sexual Assault Survivors 'Strength'

The actor is on the list of "Silence Breakers" whom Time magazine honored as Person of the Year.

Jason LaVeris via Getty Images
Terry Crews said he's suing the Hollywood executive he accuses of groping him.

Terry Crews wants men to hold one another accountable when it comes to sexual assault and harassment. 

Time included the 49-year-old actor among “The Silence Breakers” who were named the magazine’s Person of the Year on Wednesday morning. In an interview with Time, Crews discussed why he came forward with his story of sexual assault and why more men need to lend their voices to the conversation.

Last month, Crews accused Hollywood executive Adam Venit of groping him at a party the actor was attending with his wife. On Wednesday, he announced he’s suing Venit

Crews felt compelled to share his story about Venit after he read some of the victim-blaming comments directed at movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s accusers, he told Time.

“I was really angry because these women were being discounted. These women were being discarded,” Crews said.

“I did have to let these women know they weren’t alone. And that I understood,” he said. “My whole mission was to give them strength. Don’t accept the shame that people are giving you. Because that’s what it was. They were being shamed. They were being victimized again. I just couldn’t stand for it.”

I was really angry because these women were being discounted. These women were being discarded. Terry Crews

The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor has long been an outspoken feminist advocate who has repeatedly discussed the damaging effects of sexism and toxic masculinity. He told Time that men must loudly and publicly stand up to the culture of sexual abuse. 

“Until men stand up and say, ‘This harassment, this abuse, these assaults are wrong,’ nothing will change,” he said.

“Men need to hold other men accountable,” Crews added. “That’s my thing. I came up in the cult of masculinity, in football and the sports world and entertainment. You’re in places and guys are saying the wildest thing. People need to be called on that. You need to be held accountable for the things you say, the things you do. What it came from is literally a belief that as a man you are more valuable than a woman.”

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