Mom Hilariously Breaks Down Best Wines To Pair With Kids' Snacks

Stephanie Horman's all-too-relatable video will have moms LOLing.

One funny woman in British Columbia, Canada, has just perfectly summed up #momlife thanks to her hysterical Instagram video.

Stephanie Horman, a “busy mama” of two girls, ages 2 and nearly 4, posted an all-too-relatable video on the social media platform called “The Best Wines To Pair With Your Kids Lunchables.”

In the video, the mom goes through a variety of wines and common kids’ snacks ― think Oreos, Goldfish, fruit pouches ― examining what “pairs” best.

Of the idea for the video, Horman told HuffPost, “I find that our pantry is constantly stocked with food that resembles circus animals, and we always have a fridge full of string cheese and fruit pouches. I like to poke fun at the parts of our life that we take too seriously, and remove the stigma of always trying to be perfect. Because of this, I am always trying to find new ways for parents to go, ‘yup been there done that,’ and let’s be honest, who hasn’t though of pairing up a big bag of Goldfish with a nice full-bodied red?”

Horman, whose work can be found at Modern Day Wonderland and is behind a viral “12 Days Of Christmas” edit among other hits, hopes that the video helps moms embrace the “crazy season” of their lives.

And as for her favorite pairing of the bunch, she says, “I have to admit that I love sitting down with a big glass of wine and a box of Oreos.”


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