09/26/2019 17:27 EDT

There Are 2 New Glossier Products We Can’t Wait To Get Our Paws On

Now your good boy can look good, too.

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The Bark x Glossier collab is the balm dogcom.

We can’t wait to get our paws on Glossier’s newest product, the result of a collab with the pet professionals at Bark. We didn’t just want Glossier products for dogs. Turns out, we needed them.

Glossier collaborated with Bark, a direct-to-consumer dog retailer “for pet owners by pet owners,” to release two Glossier dog toys, perhaps the most barking beautiful dog toys we’ve ever seen. Earlier this month Glossier and Bark unveiled two of Glossier’s best-selling products in the form of plushy, squeaky toys that are perfect for any pup’s play time. 

The Glossier Balm Dogcom retails for $8 and is an exact plush replica of Balm Dotcom, the beauty brand’s $12 universal skin salve. The Glossier Toy Brow is a two-in-one toy that separates into a tube and spoolie wand, just like an actual tube of Boy Brow, so your good boy can look good, too. The toy retails for $10, which is low-key the best deal on Boy Brow we’ve ever seen, considering the eyebrow grooming pomade sets us back $16 every time we restock.

Both of the Glossier dog toys are available at Bark and free shipping is available on orders over $35, which shouldn’t be too hard to meet because Bark carries a wide variety of fun toys, tasty treats and everything you know your dog deserves.  

This is just another exciting venture for the cult-favorite beauty brand that has expanded its offerings to both GlossierPlay and GlossiWEAR in the past year. If Glossier ever wants to expand into hair care (or fur care for that matter) we’re here for it.