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These Adorable Personalized Necklaces Are Perfect For Mother’s Day

Because nothing is more precious than family.

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A mother’s love is both gentle and fierce, supportive and protective. It’s a special kind of bond forged from the most powerful kind of love. Whether she carried you herself or you were brought together in different ways, your mother loved you even when you were just an idea.

Celebrate this mother-child bond with a beautiful, personalized necklace that your mom will cherish forever. For each necklace, we’ve listed the available personalization options and the price of the most low-cost choice.

Mama Bear Necklace

Capture your mom’s fierce protection and love with this mama bear and cub necklace.

  • Handmade
  • Add up to 5 cubs
  • Price starting at $169.03

Personalized All Heart Necklace

Just like the love that holds your family together, this sweet set of sterling silver rings stays linked with a heart.

  • Handmade
  • Add up to 4 rings
  • Each ring can be stamped with a name, date, or word
  • Price starting at $105.65

Motherhood Tree Of Life Custom Necklace

A tribute to the nurturing power of motherhood, this elegantly carved Tree Of Life locket is inscribed with “from deepest roots, tallest branches grow.”

  • Handmade
  • Add up to 4 birthstones
  • Price starting at $176.08

Mother Nestling Birds Necklace

A subtle and endearing symbol of love, the mother bird perches on a branch, keeping a watchful eye over a line of chicks.

  • Handmade
  • Add up to 4 birds
  • Price starting at $98.60

Mother and Child Necklace

John & Linda Whitney via Uncommon Goods
John & Linda Whitney via Uncommon Goods

Isn’t it amazing how your mom is always there to catch you when you fall? This bronze, brass, and copper sculpted figurine necklace celebrates your unbreakable familial bond.

  • Handmade
  • Various family combinations available
  • Price starting at $76.06

Dainty Name Necklace

CaitlynMinimalist via Etsy
CaitlynMinimalist via Etsy

Your mom can carry the names of her loved ones with her everywhere she goes.

  • Choose between silver, gold, or rose gold
  • Choose between 9 chain lengths
  • Choose between 9 fonts
  • Add up to 4 names
  • Price starting at $51.15

Custom Letter Necklace

For a more subtle option, you can opt for initials and symbols with this minimalist letter necklace.

  • Choose between silver, gold, or rose gold
  • Choose between 6 chain lengths
  • Add up to 13 initials or symbols
  • Price starting at $39.00

Birthstone Necklace

A beautiful birthstone necklace that utilizes the inherent power of crystals.

  • Choose between silver, gold, or rose gold
  • Choose between 4 chain lengths
  • Your choice of birthstone and order
  • Additional customization options available
  • Price starting at $108.55

Personalized Leaf Necklace

An elegant, highly customizable necklace that’s perfect for large or growing families!

  • Choose between silver or gold
  • Choose between 3 chain lengths
  • Add up to 14 stones and/or leaves
  • Can be expanded later
  • Price starting at $48.85

Bird Nest Necklace

A beautiful bronze Sparrow guards her pearl eggs in the nest ― a testament to the love and care mothers give their children even before they’re born.

  • Choose from 26 pearl egg colour options
  • Choose between 5 chain lengths
  • Add up to 5 pearl eggs
  • Price starting at $36.67
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