09/05/2019 22:06 EDT | Updated 09/06/2019 09:47 EDT

Toronto Kids Pricked By Used Syringes Found Near School

They required medical attention.

Toronto police say three school children were sent for medical attention after picking up discarded syringes they found.

They say the students might have pricked themselves, potentially exposing them to diseases.

The children found the needles near a west-end elementary school on Wednesday.

Police are urging parents to explain to their children the hazards associated with used syringes, otherwise known as sharps.

They also say people need to be careful if they remove the needles and should call the city for pickup.

Last week, police reported finding discarded syringes in public spaces in Pembroke, Ont.

Authorities say people finding sharps should not try to put the cap back on the needle, and should not bend of break any part of the sharp. They also suggest wearing gloves and using some kind of tongs to pick them up.

For storage, they recommend using a hard plastic container, such as an empty peanut butter jar, sealing it and then calling for pickup.

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