Toronto Raptors Celebrate NBA Win With Their Adorable Kids

There are a lot of dads on the team!

It seemed all of Canada erupted in cheers after Thursday night’s historic Toronto Raptors’ win.

But as Toronto clinched the NBA championship in Game 6, becoming the first Canadian team to ever win the title, some of the team’s biggest fans were court-side.

You just had to look down a little to see them.

Hello, down there!
Hello, down there!

Because we weren’t already misty-eyed enough over the Toronto Raptors, a bunch of them brought their kids to the game and we can’t handle the cute.

There are quite a few dads on the team, including Kyle Lowry, Kawhi Leonard, Serge Ibaka, Pascal Siakam, Fred VanVleet, Marc Gasol, head coach Nick Nurse and Raptors president Masai Ujiri.

Lowry, who was already up for “Dad of the Year” for saying he kept calm after getting shoved in Game 3 to be a good role model to his children, shared a pic on Instagram of him celebrating with his sons.

All-star team right there.
All-star team right there.

Look at the pride on their faces!

Not satisfied with the NBA champion title, Nick Nurse’s kid dug for gold.

We’re as obsessed with his nose-picking as we are with his hair, tbh.

Serge Ibaka, who had a daughter when he was 16 and didn’t know until a few years ago, made sure his kiddo was court-side.

Ranie Ibaka (in black) joins in the festivities.
Ranie Ibaka (in black) joins in the festivities.

That’s Ranie Ibaka in the front row wearing black. You know, the kid with the giant grin on her face because her dad is a basketball champion. NBD.

And we’re just sayin’, VanVleet has been playing better than ever since the birth of his son, Fred Jr. on May 20.

“Still not giving him all the credit in the world,” VanVleet said of his newborn in a press conference in late May, “But he’s probably helped me out a little bit.”

So, although the game was well past his bedtime, we’re gonna go ahead and thank Fred Jr. for being there in spirit.

Fred VanVleet remembering that he forgot to pick up diapers.
Fred VanVleet remembering that he forgot to pick up diapers.

And here’s VanVleet’s daughter taking over a scrum, just because.

Congrats on your big win, dads!

And put your feet up this weekend for Father’s Day. You deserve it.

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