04/10/2020 14:28 EDT | Updated 04/11/2020 20:36 EDT

Justin Trudeau Saying ‘Moistly’ Was Auto-Tuned. Now There Are Acoustic Covers.

[Strums guitar]: “singing ... moistly.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses Canadians on the COVID-19 pandemic from Rideau Cottage in Ottawa on April 7, 2020.

During such a trying time as the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s great there are things that can bring people together. Applauding our frontline health care workers. Baking bread. “Tiger King.”

But, can anything bring Canadians together quite like the auto-tune remix of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying, “moistly”? 

The original video, made by user Anonymotif (aka Edmonton musician Brock Tyler) shortly following Trudeau’s … interesting word choice at his daily briefing Monday, quickly went viral because we all need a little bit of joy right now, 


Tyler’s bop is spun from a clip of Trudeau discussing the benefits of wearing face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They may keep you from speaking “moistly” and possibly spreading droplets containing the virus. Music takes inspiration from the strangest places. 

But, if Tyler’s remix didn’t fully wet your whistle, there’s more for all you cool cats and kittens who love the delightfully weird autotune remix of Trudeau’s regrettable word choice. The song has already entered the next step of any musical zeitgeist moment — earnest acoustic covers.

Musicians of various musical skill levels across Canada have produced their own spins on the prime minister saying “moistly.” Any you know what? Some of them kind of work.

Singer Andrew Phelan turned the track into an upbeat, guitar-lick driven bop that actually sort of slaps.


Add it to your summer playlist!

Meanwhile, Lynda Szabo took the song and spun it into a breathy, heart-wrenching plea from someone who’s not a medical expert, but implores you to stop speaking moistly.


Tyler Strautman slowed things down and changed the track’s melody into something that definitely could run in the background of an indie movie’s climax, where the protagonist walks through their neighbourhood at sunset, pondering what it really means to be two metres apart. 


Hamilton, Ont. singer-songwriter Adam Carter took a little inspiration from The Mountain Goats for his upbeat version that wouldn’t feel out of place on any road-trip mixtape.  


And then there’s this cover from KDawn, which turns the track into a haunting and introspective experience, which, to be fair, is what this whole social-distancing thing has been.


Feel inspired to produce your own jam or belt out a cover of your own? There’s a guitar tutorial for the chords, because what the world needs now is more covers of Trudeau saying “moistly.” 


And, as a bonus if you aren’t musically inclined, Vancouver Island resident Jabin Postal came up with a home dance routine set to the original track. That way you can get fit — and probably moist — while thinking of Trudeau saying “moistly.” A dream. 


Keep it moist, everyone!

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