12/06/2017 16:08 EST | Updated 12/07/2017 09:39 EST

Twas The Night Before Tax Scam...

Detroit Free Press via Getty Images

Twas the night before Tax Scam and all through the nation
Americans were working to end their frustration,
They were reading and listening to the pundits with care;
And the more that they heard, the greater their scare;
What’s in the bill, can you decipher the words?
We think the whole process is just for the birds.
The tax code will change, the outcome is murky,
But we think this Tax Scam will be a big turkey.

Why vote so fast?  Why not take more time?
Why sneak it through the Senate, as if it’s a crime?
The House rushed it too, setting the pace,
But this isn’t a game, and you’re not in a race.
We thought you’d be careful, and give it some thought,
Follow regular order as our civics class taught.
The Tax Scam passed the Senate, it flew like a flash,
And our hopes as we watched, ended up in a crash.

But all through the night, not everyone was blue.
The super-rich and CEOS had known just what to do;
They made their donations, and asked for their due;
A tax treat for them, and a tax scam for you;
The top 1 percent were clinking their glasses;
While middle-class families were facing more taxes;
Rich corporations can still outsource with glee;
For American workers – no gifts under the tree.

The estate tax will go, rich heirs feel elation;
Good fortune to all with a mega-rich relation;
For students and their parents – less help for your loans;
No aid for your tuition –please stifle your groans.
Big businesses rejoice, but small businesses aren’t happy,
The Tax Scam hurts investment, they think that is crappy. 
Millions will lose health care, the health age tax will rise,
After they tried to kill Obamacare, is that any surprise?

The experts all warn us the deficit will soar,
Fiscal hawks are ignored, they are getting quite sore,
This is step one, Marco Rubio tells us there’s more,
Just wait for a moment, we have more in store,
The chained CPI, vouchers and such,
You don’t need those benefits – you’re getting too much.
We’ll cut Social Security and Medicare, says the GOP choir,
Next year Medicare will lose $25 billion – and that will go higher.

Millionaires and billionaires get their stockings filled,
With the Tax Scam their wildest dreams are fulfilled,
The provisions were carefully crafted you see,
To make the rich richer, create more inequality.
Because trickle-down theory is merely a hoax,
An economic lemon, a failure, a joke.
When asked for an answer, corporate heads won’t say
That they’ll invest here at home or increase your pay.

Christmas is coming, and Republicans are jolly,
But they’ll soon realize they’ve committed a folly,
Americans are smart, they know fiction from fact.
When they learn they’ve been had, they surely will act.
They’ll learn soon enough ― the Tax Scam’s a sham,
And will vote against those supporting this flim-flam.
There’s nowhere to hide, there’s no “cover your ass,”
When you choose to take sides against the middle-class.