Twitter Is Having A Field Day With The New Man Bun Ken Doll

"Every one of the new Ken Dolls is a different bartender who has ignored me."

We reported Tuesday that Barbie was expanding its “Fashionistas” line to include 15 new Ken dolls with varying body types, skin tones and hairstyles.

Twitter did not take it well.

But the main object of ridicule was Man Bun Ken, the doll sporting a perfectly coiled plastic bun perched atop his head.

Twitter users immediately began making fun of his hairstyle:

And speculating about his bad behavior:

Man Bun Ken quickly came to represent all the worst qualities of a certain type of entitled 20-something guy we’ve all met.

And one user even found a way to turn him into an educational toy:

Man bun aside, we’re glad that Barbie is taking steps to evolve the brand into more diverse offerings, so that more kids can see themselves reflected in the toys they play with.