03/16/2017 14:07 EDT

9 Brands That Should Delete Their Account After That Tweet

We all make terrible Twitter mistakes. But these are egregious.

Every Twitter “scandal” has a similar progression.

First, a brand tweets an offensive or objectively funny thing, like McDonald’s did when its corporate Twitter published threw shade directed at President Donald Trump.

Then, typically, the brands will attribute the errant tweet to a hack or a rogue employee ― and occasionally they will issue an apology.

Last but not least, the rest of the internet makes fun of them or promises to boycott, and then we all move on.

But some Twitter campaigns should not be forgotten, because they are very bad, and also serve as a warning to the next generation of tweeters: Stop tweeting. Delete your account. You’re going to ruin your life.

Now come downstairs for dinner.

Love, your dad, @andybcampbell.

We digress. Here are some egregiously bad tweets by brands: