11/14/2019 14:33 EST

Vancouver Gelato Shop Sets World Record For Most Flavours

There’s no such thing as too much gelato!

Vancouver is known for a lot of things: Hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics, lots of rain, a typically mediocre (but this year surprisingly good) hockey team, and high rent.

But it’ll soon be known as the home of a world-record number of ice cream flavours.

The popular gelato shop La Casa Gelato officially broke a world record Thursday by formally entering their 238 unique flavours as the most on site at an ice cream shop.

Officials from Guinness World Records were on hand to formally mark the shop’s accomplishment. 

They’ve got classic chocolate and vanilla, of course. But there’s also a flavour for every occasion, from honeycomb to strawberry Oreo, and there’s even a “vodka ceasar” sorbetto on offer. 

It’s a lot of flavours. To put that in perspective, if you ate a different gelato every day, it would take over eight months to get through all 238. And honestly, it is incredibly impressive if you can eat gelato that often without getting sick.

According to their website, over the shop’s 36-year history, there’s been over 588 flavours in total. They also claim they’ll help you choose, which is good because, frankly, picking one of 238 flavours sounds way too stressful. 

It won’t be Vancouver’s first world record. The Seawall, which winds around Stanley Park, is the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path. In 2018, the world record for “most nationalities in a drum circle” was broken in the city. And in 2017, Vancouver resident Vinny Vipond broke the world record for the longest distance travelled on a unicycle while juggling. 

So that’s all to say, next up will be someone who rides a unicycle around the seawall while drumming and eating gelato. Anything is possible.