02/02/2021 12:53 EST

Vancouver ‘Hobbit House’ For Rent At A Cool $6,200 A Month

Non-Tolkien tenants are also welcome.

Vancouver Luxury Realty
The famous "Hobbit House" is seen on King Edward Ave. in Vancouver.

Ever dreamed of moving to New Zealand, digging a hole in a hill and living that Hobbit lifestyle?

The pandemic certainly has a lot of us feeling that, and part of that dream is more achievable for Vancouver renters now that the city’s famous “hobbit house” is back on the market

The 80-year-old iconic property at 587 West King Edward Ave. entered the rental market this week at a cool $6,200 per month. That gets you the unique 80-year-old outdoor visage, and a fully renovated interior featuring three bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms, 12-foot ceilings, three fireplaces and a huge kitchen perfect for as many breakfasts as your hobbit heart desires. 

Vancouver Luxury Realty
The interior of the house.
Vancouver Luxury Realty
The interior of the house.

Technically named the James Residence, the house has gone through a saga worthy of a Tolkien novel over the years. Originally built in 1942, it was one of three “hobbit houses” in the city, with the other two still standing on West Broadway and in West Vancouver. The structures were conceived by a builder named Brenton Lea and designed by architect Ross Anthony Lort. The goal was to look like a Tudor cottage from Shakespearean times. 

The King Edward house was purchased by a doctor in the 1970s, then a townhouse developer in 2013. The house was nearly destroyed for a new development in 2016. After that, the iconic cedar thatched roof was restored in 2017 and it was listed for sale at $2,698,000.

The 3,000-square-foot home comes unfurnished and will be available to rent starting Feb. 20. 

Pets are allowed with owner approval, though no word on Balrogs. 

You can view the full listing here