05/04/2017 10:16 EDT | Updated 05/04/2017 13:03 EDT

'Veep' Is So Funny It Sent An Australian Politician To The Hospital

The HBO comedy had Graham Perrett in stitches, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus can't believe it.


Veep” is so hilarious you could just faint. Or at least that’s what happened to an Australian politician. He was in stitches, which quickly required stitches. 

Graham Perrett, a member of the land Down Under’s House of Representatives, was munching on sushi Sunday while watching the HBO political satire. He laughed, choked on a bit of rice, fell, knocked himself unconscious and incurred a black eye that required three stitches, according to The Australian

Like any good lead star would, Julia Louis-Dreyfus tweeted her incredulity on Wednesday night. And like any good “Veep” fan would, Perrett dutifully responded. 

Perrett told BuzzFeed the inciting moment came while watching the Season 6 premiere, specifically the scene where Jonah gets caught shaving his head so people will think he has cancer. 

“Some of the rice went down the wrong way,” he said. “I started choking and I kind of stumbled forward and knocked my head on the corner of the kitchen cabinet. My wife walked in to find me knocked unconscious on the ground, with blood everywhere.” 

Timothy Simons, who plays Jonah, got a kick out of the situation, too, as evidenced by his Twitter interaction with BuzzFeed reporter Kate Aurthur.

The whole incident is stranger than fiction, in the eyes of “Veep” showrunner David Mandel. “It really does seem like something in the show, so I guess I’ll have to wait a year now to use it,” he told BuzzFeed.

As they say, dying is easy, comedy is hard.