08/13/2020 15:06 EDT

Victoria, B.C. Python Found After Six-Week Wild Snake Chase

The serpentine fugitive was at large in the B.C capital for over a month.

Victoria RCMP
This 1.4-metre-long ball python was on the run in Victoria, B.C. for six weeks.

After six weeks on the run from authorities a ball python loose in Victoria, B.C. has finally been found.

The elusive 1.4-metre-long renegade reptile had been slithering around the provincial capitol for well over a month. To quote Samuel L. Jackson: somebody needed to get that (expletive) snake off of the (expletive) streets of Victoria.

And thankfully someone did. 

Victoria RCMP brought the serpentine fugitive into custody after it was found sheltering under a parked car more than three kilometres from where it originally disappeared. 

According to its owners, the evasive escapee had been on the loose since July 2. RCMP issued a public warning in early August urging residents to call 911 if they saw the animal.

The location where the slithering spy was discovered was not only three kilometres away (about a 45-minute walk for us two-legged folks), it also was across the Victoria harbour, suggesting the snake either traversed a busy traffic bridge or swam across ocean water. 

Not unnerving to think about at all!

“A patrol officer who is familiar with snakes took the snake into custody without incident,” police said in a statement Wednesday night.

Neighbouring communities also chimed in with relief that the scaly noodle had been found. 

But in reality, the elusive vagabond didn’t pose much of a threat to the surrounding community. Ball pythons are non-venomous and don’t bite much — they kill their prey by squeezing rather than biting. 

The python was found sheltering under a parked vehicle, which makes sense as snakes on the run tend to gravitate towards warm, dry places. 

A few years ago my best friends’ ball python — lovingly named Elaine Benhiss after Elaine from “Seinfeld” — escaped in their Calgary apartment. She was missing for nearly a week before they found her curled up next to the dryer. 

WATCH: Snake gets kisses from gentle dog. Story continues below. 


So while a runaway snake can seem scary, really they’re just trying to find their way to warmth and comfort like the rest of us.

Still, Victoria residents may still want to keep on their toes. One astute Twitter user pointed out there may be another slinking serpent on the streets of the capital.

Here’s hoping Gordon finds his way home too.

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