5 Ways To Make Your Voice Heard

Cat got your tongue? Speaking up can be intimidating! But let’s face it: Everyone wants — and deserves — to be heard. Simply put, your opinions matter. Whether you need a confidence boost to pipe up in the boardroom, or are just looking to speak to the manager, we all need strategies to express our feelings with conviction.

In partnership with LEO, here are five simple ways to speak your truth.

Grab Your Pen

You didn’t read it here, but a bathroom stall scribble can be surprisingly cathartic. Seriously! If you’re anything like us, you do some of your best thinking on the cabode. Or consider the shower — it’s practically an aha sanctuary. Before you let those brilliant ideas wash away, next time dry off, grab a pen and write them down (on paper preferably).

Pro: Taking the time to collect and organize your thoughts means they’ll be all the more impactful when you speak them in person.

Con: While you may be perfecting your craft, writing your thoughts down doesn’t guarantee you’ll get to share them with a wider audience.

Speak To The Manager

You don’t need the speak to the manager haircut to adopt the speak to the manager approach. It’s simply about having confidence in your choices and finding the courage to voice them.

Pro: As the world becomes increasingly automated, more than ever people appreciate direct and personalized feedback.

Con: Delivering face-to-face commentary can be intimidating, both for the assessor and receiver. It’s easy to chicken out or soften your edges.

Post On Social Media

Sigh, if only there was a platform designed to express yourself. Oh yeah! Isn’t that the purpose of social media? Whether you do it with a pic or in 280 characters, you’ve likely already got a collection of peeps, hungry for your content.

Pro: Watch the likes roll in! Because what’s more gratifying than connecting with your audience?

Con: As it turns out, not everyone always agrees. That means sometimes scrolling through your comments can be a real blow to your self-esteem.

Yelp It Up

The internet is a persuasive place, thanks to a plethora of petitions and reviews. If your meal was mind-blowing, why not give that restaurant a boost with your 5-star rating?

Pro: If you stay consistent with it, you might earn a cult following for your critiques.

Con: While the internet is persuasive, yes, it’s also incredibly vast. With thousands of voices vying for attention, is it possible to truly stand out?

Welcome to the LEO app!
Welcome to the LEO app!

Let LEO Know

Spilling your heart out doesn’t have to be painful. Enter LEO. This completely confidential survey app is a safe place for you to vent all your feels, 24/7. Take your neighbourhood coffee shop, for example. Whether you love it or hate it, LEO lets you rate it without the pressure of declaring a big public statement. Even better, on the LEO app, you can earn rewards like cash, prepaid Visa gift cards, Air Miles, and more while giving your opinion.

Pro: Finally, a place to voice your opinions without being judged.

Con: *Crickets*

Sometimes the easiest way is the best way: Download the LEO app today and reap big rewards for sharing your thoughts confidentially. Speaking up has never been better. Subscribe using the promo code HUFFPOST and get 2000 points!