01/30/2018 14:50 EST

15 Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples Already Living Together

Ditch the personalized cutting board and hand-painted mugs.

If you’re confused about what to get a couple who already has their sh*t together, we’re here to help you find the perfect purchase that they probably didn’t think to get for themselves during their many years of living together.

While they’d love a cute cutting board with their initials or a set of champagne classes for their first toast, couples who are already living together are probably looking for those practical purchases that they forgot to stock up on when they first moved in. Think a good set of knives, fresh bedding, or some new sleepwear to upgrade from their college sweatshirts.

Take a look below at our 15 wedding gift ideas for couples already living together:

  • 1 An Instant Pot to upgrade from their traditional slow cooker
    Get it here.
  • 2 This GoPro HERO3+ to take their vacations to the next level
    Get it here.
  • 3 A wine membership so there's no question of who is picking up the wine for dinner
    Wine of The Month
    Get it here.
  • 4 A new bedding set to refresh their bedroom
    All Modern
    Get it here.
  • 5 A fun set of dish ware to replace those old college logo mugs they probably still have
    Food 52
    Get it here.
  • 6 Monogrammed robes for those days when they want to lounge around
    LL Bean
    Get them here.
  • 7 A piece of art that speaks to who they are as a couple
    Find some options here.
  • 8 A spa gift card because treating yourself while in a long-term relationship is important
    triocean via Getty Images
    Get it here.
  • 9 A special getaway to break them out of their routine
    Find one here.
  • 10 Some new knives to replace dull ones from when they first moved in together
    Crate & Barrel
    Get the set here.
  • 11 New luggage for their honeymoon
    Get a set here.
  • 12 An espresso machine to replace the Keurig they've had for years
    Get it here.
  • 13 A new cookware set so they can start fresh in the kitchen
    Get it here.
  • 14 Update their Netflix binges with this faux fur throw blanket
    Get it here.
  • 15 This upscale turntable to replace the one they probably got in college
    Get it here.

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