What’s Happening To Your Dry Skin

There are many causes for dry skin, and each one needs a unique solution.

As winter wears us down and complexions pale — sigh — many of us become hyper aware of our skin. Issues around sensitivity, discomfort and itch are known to rear their ugly heads when seasons shift. And while these concerns are not reserved for winter alone, it is an important time to look at what’s causing our skin to change or react, and understand how we can help repair it. Because dry skin may look and feel rough, tight, red and/or flakey, but that doesn’t mean you have to live that way.

In partnership with Eucerin Complete Repair, here’s a look at some of the most common causes of dry skin and smart complete solutions to repair it.

Common Causes


An extreme shift in temperature, whether hot or cold, can have serious repercussions for skin health — ahem, we’re looking at you Canadian winter. This is because when there is less humidity in the air (thanks to factors like electric heating or cold winds, for example), your skin has trouble retaining the moisture that keeps it soft and supple.


As we age, our skin goes through a lot of natural changes. When we start to lose fat and elasticity, and our sweat glands begin to dry up, it’s only natural that skin becomes thinner as a result. Unfortunately, along with this change, our skin often becomes dryer too.

Professional Environment

If your job requires constant handwashing with harsh cleansers or hot water, like a healthcare worker or a meal prep cook, you may develop dry or irritated skin. Or, if you’re required to spend a ton of time working outdoors in an extreme temperature, you may have trouble retaining moisture in your skin.

Other Factors

Our genetics can play a part in skin health, too. For example, some hereditary autoimmune diseases, like eczema, show internal inflammation externally on your skin. Other health conditions, like diabetes, just come with symptoms that can include dry and/or itchy skin.

Smart Solutions

Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF)

Luckily, our bodies organically produce Natural Moisturizing Factors (like amino acids, salt and sugar, for example) that help attract and bind moisture within the upper layers of skin. But when new stressors, such as environment or age, dry us out, sometimes we need to help protect and repair our skin. Additional NMFs, like the active ingredient Urea found in Eucerin Complete Repair Cream, can help amp up this process. Urea helps shed dead cells, which leaves skin feeling more hydrated and nourished.

Strong Moisture Barrier

When our natural protective barrier is weakened, whatever the cause may be, we’re likely to experience dry skin. But with the right ingredients, your dry skin need not suffer. Enter Ceramide-3: This ingredient replicates natural ceramide production in your skin, and is designed to reduce moisture loss from evaporation. It is found in Eucerin’s Complete Repair formula, which also includes Urea and Gluco Glycerol. The triple-action formulation strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier function.

Complete Care

When it comes to dry skin, it’s smart to develop a dermatologically and scientifically backed routine that mitigates the problem before it begins. As you build out a regime that suits your needs, remember that hydration can start small, with a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip your moisture barrier. When choosing your moisturizer, consider whether the texture of a lotion or a cream feels best for you. And while we often care for our bodies, it’s important to give our hands and feet some love, too. These extremities take a lot of wear and tear and are just as prone to sensitivity and dryness.

From top to bottom, give your dry skin the tender love and care it deserves this winter with the help of Eucerin Complete Repair.