08/22/2019 14:30 EDT | Updated 08/23/2019 12:33 EDT

NFL Player AJ Cole III Wears Confusing ‘Winnipeg, Alberta’ T-Shirt For Preseason Game

The Oakland Raiders rookie make a rookie mistake.

Oakland Raiders / Twitter
Oakland Raiders player AJ Cole III pictured wearing a shirt that says "Winnipeg, Alberta" ahead of a NFL pre-season game in the city.

Canadian Twitter users are taking great pleasure in roasting an American football player who seems to have his geography confused.

The Oakland Raiders and the Green Bay Packers landed in Winnipeg this week for a pre-season NFL matchup. As they disembarked the plane, several Raider players were spotted sporting Winnipeg-themed gear. 

Among them was rookie punter A.J. Cole III, who wore what appeared to be a basic grey shirt with the Winnipeg skyline.

But some astute Twitter users took a closer look and saw some geographic confusion. 


Oakland Raiders / Twitter
A close-up view of AJ Cole III's shirt that mysteriously says "Winnipeg, Alberta."

In case you didn’t know, Winnipeg is very much not in Alberta. It’s the capital of Manitoba. And because Canadians love to roast people from the U.S. for not knowing anything about our country, the Twitterverse descended on Cole III in a storm.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers CFL team account chimed in, noting that they can’t wait to visit “Oakland, Nevada.”

The team also playfully teased their welcome gift to the Raiders was “t-shirts. A whole lot of new t-shirts.”

If you want your very own Winnipeg, Alberta shirt you’re in luck! Cole III said he bought his fromAmazon Prime, but someone’s also set up an online shopwhere you can buy them for $23.84.  

Meanwhile, quarterback and two-time NFL MVPAaron Rodgers — whose Green Bay Packers are facing off against the Raiders in Winnipeg — arrived in the city in an iconicCanadian tuxedo.

Now that’s how you do it. Raiders players, take note!

UPDATE: Cole III was spotted leaving Winnipeg Thursday sporting a more accurate Winnipeg Jets shirt. 

“Today we are leaving Winnipeg, Manitoba with a win and a lesson on provinces!” he wrote on Twitter.

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