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Yellowstone Geyser Spewing Tourist Trash After Eruption

Not throwing garbage into a hot spring seems like a pretty easy concept to grasp.

A thermal spring in Yellowstone National Park is spewing garbage and serving as a reminder of how awful tourist behaviour can be.

According to park officials, a number of random items have been found around the mouth of the Ear Spring geyser, including coins, old cans, and even an old pacifier, believed to be from the 1930s.

Ear Spring on Yellowstone's Geyser Hill went from being dormant on Sept. 14 to spewing steam and hot water between six and nine metres high the next day — the highest it's reached since 1957.

But in addition to scalding hot water, random items have been forced out, which park officials believe either fell in the geyser's vent or were thrown in by tourists.

Officials shared photos of some of the found items which, in addition to the pacifier and cans, include a concrete block, cigarette butts, a bear warning sign, and a Pyrex funnel with tubing.

"Foreign objects can damage hot springs and geysers. The next time Ear Spring erupts we hope it's nothing but natural rocks and water. You can help by never throwing anything into Yellowstone's thermal features!" read a post on the Yellowstone Facebook page.

Yellowstone National Park/Facebook
A closer look at some of the coins found near the geyser's vent.

For years, Yellowstone visitors have been reprimanded for not staying on official paths, not to mention other stunts that show no regard for the environmental fragility of the park.

In 2016, an Oregon man died after he attempted to take a dip in a particularly acidic hot spring. His body was never recovered. Officials said the body dissolved before they were able to get to the remains.

And just a few weeks ago a Colorado man was arrested after allegedly attempting to urinate into the Old Faithful geyser.

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