02/03/2012 11:13 EST | Updated 04/04/2012 05:12 EDT

Smell Your Sweetest for Valentine's Day

Have you ever talked to someone who turned you on with just their smell? The smell of their sweet cologne or perfume mixed in with their natural aroma makes you want to inhale everything about them...

Now think of that same beautiful person with bad breath and body odour, drenched in cheap cologne or drug store perfume... Not quite the same, is it? Here are three ways to smell good, look good, and ooze that sexy scent that will drive your lover crazy.

No matter how gorgeous you may be, nothing kills it like bad breath. Garlic breath, hot dog breath, beer breath, nacho onion breath, or the absolute worst -- stale, dry mouth breath!

How to Make Sure Your Breath Smells Good:

1. Floss before you brush. Food trapped in teeth can cause germs to lurk inside your mouth.

2. Eat parsley with your meal, it helps neutralize food odour.

3. Don't eat garlic and onions if you have a date. (Sorry babe, nobody likes your Shrek breath.)

4. Stay hydrated! The more water in your body, the less likely you will have dry mouth.

5. Keep a pack of mints with you at all times.

While you might not notice your natural aroma, others do.

How to Keep Your Body Smelling Like a Daisy:

1. Wear an antiperspirant or a deodorant to control odour and wetness under your arms.

2. After you shower, apply a sweet smelling body lotion.

3. Keep a pack of baby wipes in your purse to freshen up when needed.

4. Stay on top of your "cycle" (no details necessary).

5. Wear a lightly scented perfume on your wrists and neck.

Let's face it, nothing makes us cringe like the smell of stinky feet when someone takes off their shoes on an airplane or next to you at the movies. So if you're going to a dinner party where no shoes are allowed or plan on removing your shoes in front of someone, try these helpful hints.

How to Have Sweet Smelling Feet:

1. Wash your feet daily with soap and water and dry them well with a clean towel (be sure to wash and dry the areas between the toes).

2. Insert charcoal-insulated insoles designed to control odour in your shoes.

3. Sprinkle foot powder in your shoes each morning.

4. Alternate shoes each day so they have time to dry between uses.

5. Wear cotton socks because they absorb moisture better than synthetic fabrics do, and they allow the skin to breathe.

Remember, if you smell good, you'll look great!