08/04/2012 01:41 EDT | Updated 10/03/2012 05:12 EDT

Three Hot Hair Trends for Fall


It's time to get back to school and I wanted to find some fabulous, easy hairstyles that you can do before school in no time flat. Nicholas Penna, Jr., owner and lead stylist of SalonCapri, gave me some great tips to help you update your look.


"This style works best on unwashed hair to give added texture and edge. It's perfect for when you're jumping out of bed!" says Nick.

1. Begin with unwashed, un-brushed hair.

2. Use the end of a comb to create a part down the middle.

3. Separate hair into two sections and begin twisting the ends toward the centre of your head.

4. Secure the end of the twists together with a clear elastic.

5. Use a few bobby pins to "seal" the twists together. Insert one vertically at the top of the twists and one in the middle.

6. Finish with a light finishing spray to keep it in place all day.

TIP: Change up the style by loosening or tightening the twists. "Loose twists will accomplish a more casual look, and also add an element of understated style. Tight twists make more of a fashion-forward statement and transition well from afternoon to evening," notes Nick.


Begin this look with a straightening blow-dry. Instead of the usual round, boar-bristle brush, use a flat paddle brush to smooth out locks.

1.Evenly apply a light hair oil throughout your hair. Be sure to brush down any frizz or fly-aways.

2. Pull hair back with a fine-toothed comb to get that flat, flawless look.

3. Change up your desired height; a lower pony achieves a simple, more muted look, while a pony that sits higher up adds a bold accent.


"Long hair is great for fall because it embraces a youthful, carefree spirit as you transition from summer. It also allows for you to play with natural highlights from the sun and experiment with an ombre look. I recommend trying out a bold center part," says Nick. "Long hair also lends itself to endless styling possibilities, like French twists, braids, bouffants, and chignons. It's a great way to change up your style!"

To get those "barely there" waves:

1. Try adding in a palm-full of texture mousse, and scrunching strands from the ends up.

2. Air dry, or use your fingers to tousle locks as you blow-dry on low.

3. If your hair needs a little more structure, create soft, flowing waves by combing out slightly damp hair and throwing it into a "sock" bun.

4. To create a sock bun, take an old (clean!) tube sock and cut off the toe; roll the sock into a donut shape.

5. Put the end of your pony through the hole and start to roll the sock down until the end of the pony begins to get tucked underneath the sock.

6. Use both hands to fan the hair in the pony around the sock as you roll until you reach the base of the pony.

7. Secure the bun with a few bobby pins around the base.

8. Keep in over-night and remove in the morning for elegant waves.