03/27/2012 10:48 EDT | Updated 05/27/2012 05:12 EDT

Wedding Day Beauty: Tips to Look Your Best


Spring is around the corner and so is wedding season. Every bride wants to look her best on the big day. But sometimes a streaky, orange spray tan, runny mascara and a bad hair day can make for a hot mess. Here are some easy tips to avoid the most common beauty pitfalls.

1. Do your hair before your makeup.

If your makeup is done and then you get your hair washed, the water will cause the makeup to run.

2. Fake eyelashes and powder eyeliner.

I love fake eyelashes because you do not have to worry about mascara running down your face if you tear up. Apply a powder eyeliner over your regular liner to seal it in well.

3. Blush, blush, and more blush.

A bride is going to be photographed all day under bright lights which can wash her out. Be sure to use a little extra blush and reapply right before pictures. What looks like too much in person will look healthy in photos and video.

4. Two pairs of shoes.

While every bride wants to wear stilettos when she walks down the aisle, by the time she throws the bouquet her feet are killing her. Buy a second pair of lower heels to change into for the party.

5. Extra lipstick.

Choose your lipstick ahead of time so you can have a spare to reapply throughout the party. If your makeup is being done professionally, decide ahead of time what your makeup artist will use so you can buy the same one.

6. Try to cover your tattoos.

As much as a bride may love her tattoos, it is just not pretty to see a dragon coming out of white satin and lace. Choose a dress that keeps tattoos to a minimum, or better yet, hidden.

7. Lip liner should not be darker than your lipstick.

Dark lip liner outlining a pale mouth went out in the 80's. Lip liner should match your lipstick.

8. Avoid the Disney princess look.

A bride should look classic and natural. Stay away from updos pulled too tight with ringlets hanging down. So many brides wear that style and they look like they were styled in the Magic Kingdom. Keep hair soft and natural with a hair spray that keeps hair touchable, not crunchy.

9. Do not get a spray tan the day of your wedding.

Spray tans can look great if you go to a salon you have been to in the past. If you choose to get a spray tan, do it at least two days before and test the colour at least twice before your wedding. Do not use a spray tan at home because you could come out streaky and orange. It's better to be pale than orange.

10. Seal makeup with spray.

Makeup sprays allow the makeup to last as long as the wedding day.

At the end of the day, the most important part of the wedding is the man you are marrying and the pictures you have to remember your special day.