01/22/2014 12:09 EST | Updated 03/24/2014 05:59 EDT

Did Facebook Censor Me For Being Pro-Choice?


If you're a fan of mine, you may have noticed that my Facebook page ceased to exist as of last week.

The day started out like any other -- wake up early for a run, decide it's a terrible idea and sleep in, get the kids out the door for school, drink a little too much coffee and then hustle to work in the Barcelona sunshine. Phone calls, emails, and a Skype interview with a performer. A pre-production meeting about casting, locations and photographers. Finally, a few minutes before lunch, I check my Facebook page -- active for nearly five years and with a strong following of 35,000 people -- where I post everything from new items in my erotic boutique to behind-the-scenes snapshots during filming.

Yet, that day I was greeted by more than just funny links from fans, interview requests, and the odd crotch shot:


"Page unpublished ... flagged for self harm ... What?" Don't get me wrong, as a director of adult film, I've been temporarily suspended from Facebook a few times, mostly for showing nipples (not mine), no matter how accidental! Seriously, before posting any images on the site I have to play the equivalent of "Where's Wally" to ensure all female nipples are censored. But to be kicked off entirely, and for this reason?

Now, obviously I am biased, but my page was incredibly tasteful, especially when it came to sex and when compared to some of the idiotic nonsense still out there. Naturally, I assumed it was my last post from the day before, which happened to be a cute comic by Erika Moen regarding advice from the Anal Safety Snails. Or it could always be just another photo of my very nude-friendly office:


Funny, yes. Harmful -- no way! But after a minute my community manager pointed out that the pro-choice banner I had published a month ago was nowhere to be found. Now, I am not the first public figure to come out about my politics and beliefs on social media. I'm not even the first to be censored regarding the abortion debate. But I may be the most confused person to be kicked off the site.


In English it reads "My pussy, my rules: free and accessible abortion." You see, here in Spain, there was recent uproar when the government announced more restrictive abortion laws, which I am against. Needless to say, with a following of around 35,000 people from all over the globe, a shit storm commenced. This image alone generated 1,200 comments -- 17,500 likes -- and was shared 29,000 times. That is, until enough members found the image offensive to their beliefs and flagged it, and Facebook subsequently dubbed it "self harm" -- removing the offending image, and the offending person, from their site.

We appealed immediately, but have not heard back since. Worst of all, my fans get no information when they try to visit my page -- they are just linked back to their newsfeed.

It is pretty common knowledge that Facebook is not a site for free expression (everything is regulated and curated), nor truly for social purposes. Have you noticed the huge increase in ads, sponsored posts and suggested likes in the last year? Before I was unceremoniously dumped, I was fielding a dozen random emails from people asking me to remove my ad from their feed, even though (a) I have never paid for or created an ad on Facebook and (b) I'm hardly in control of their personal page.

Have you also noticed how certain people just seem to disappear from your newsfeed? I could never figure out why I was unable to see posts from my best friends and partner, even though they were the main people I actually cared to keep up with. This is the video that cleared everything up for me, took the sting away from my ban and replaced it with a bit of relief that I'm no longer participating in such a warped site:

The problem with Facebook: it has turned us all into advertizers instead of creative individuals. It stifles diversity and debate like no other social media outlet. My story is a clear example of this -- as I had ceased to become an individual filmmaker with her own ideas, humour and inspiration, and instead had been given the role of advertiser thanks to such a large following. And this time, unfortunately, no one was buying the personal views I was unintentionally selling.

So, since it doesn't look like my account will be back anytime soon, make sure to keep up with my news, blog, and behind-the-scenes pics:



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