01/12/2012 04:07 EST | Updated 03/13/2012 05:12 EDT

A Resolution Even Oprah Could Love


Okay, people. We knew this day would come. It would appear even Oprah is touting green resolutions this year. Do you have a green one on your list this year?

If you're the guy who resolves to recycle more or to hop in your car less every year, I'd encourage you to take on a resolution that sticks. Atone your green sins by replacing the old and naughty stuff with the new and nice.

Food for resolution-making thought: Canadian makeup (yes, the stuff you put on your face every morning) can contain cancer-causing, hormone disrupting and allergy-inducing substances that have been banned or restricted in Europe. And, you know what else? Depending on the product, you might not even find these ingredients listed on the label.

Good-natured environmentalists that we are, Environmental Defence put together a video poking fun at the absurd situation that is the current state of Canadian cosmetic regulation (or lack thereof). Imagine you were on a slick, sparkly game show and you had to choose a product from the table of pretty lipsticks, eye shadows, and creams that doesn't put your health and the environment in danger. Would you be able to look pretty without poisoning yourself?

You see where I'm going with this, right? You need to make a New Year's resolution. We want to see the toxins out of makeup and safer products for all Canadians. Sign our petition to give Canadian cosmetic laws a makeover. And, in the meantime, choose products that are free of the Toxic Ten.