11/25/2014 12:44 EST | Updated 01/25/2015 05:59 EST

Poor People Aren't Poor Because They're Lazy

Skincare University

Contrary to popular belief people are not poor because they're lazy. They are poor because of the inefficient in public services and public policy that has become a barrier in their pursuit of financial stability. It is essential that poor people are not the scapegoat for the problem of our public system. As a society we need to stop blaming the victims of poverty for their circumstances. But rather focus on solution that causes poverty.

This idea that only developing nations are the only ones facing poverty is false.

Canada is one of the wealthiest developed nations that have one of the highest poverty rates. Over the past couple years poverty has been increasing within this nation. It has been estimated that about 3.5-million Canadians are living in poverty. Within the estimated number of Canadians that live in poverty about 637,000 are children.

In the Society Reports card, Canada received a C grade in child poverty, income inequality and gender inequality compare to other wealthy develop nations.

Poverty does not just have one facet so we cannot fight poverty with just one solution. Poverty is a multi-faceted and complex issue that requires government in powers to establish anti-poverty strategies that will improve housing, early childhood education, income support, and pension's plans for seniors, tax benefit employment, and education and health care services for all individuals.

Without governments not addressing the fundamental problems that affect individual ability to self-sustain themselves, this will make it difficult for them to be in a position of financial stability.

Poverty robs individual from any sense of security, the privilege of making choices, having opportunities and having access to resources.

In Canada 40 per cent of people living in poverty are people with disabilities, who are more likely to be unemployed. Another 40 per cent are children who rely on the food bank and about 770,000 people rely on the food bank every month.

As a society we need to understand the importance of safety net that will help individuals and families to escape the chains of poverty. In order for low-income families and individual to find financial security it is the responsibility of the government to invest in programs and push public policy with an anti-poverty strategies focus.

Public policy reform needs to guarantee Canadian with decent employment, child benefit, and affordable housing options, for them to be in a position to care for them and care for those that dependent on them.

Unless we do not address the inequalities and inefficiencies with many public policies and public services that many wealthy developed nations are facing, there will be less progress in improving poverty gaps.

In order for government parties in office to care for public policies that address poverty it all depends on the general public. Their demands and their persistence to ensure that government are made accountable to represent and create safety nets for people that need it the most.


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