08/26/2013 12:50 EDT | Updated 10/26/2013 05:12 EDT

A New Consulting Firm With a Vision

If you are seeking innovation in the field of business or education, you must visit the newly established Hassan's Consult's website.

CEO Dr. Saman Hassan has managed to put together a team of highly talented professionals who have creative new ideas about solving problems faced by contemporary businesses and educational institutions.

The consulting work includes topics like money management, team building, web design, how to conduct successful web seminars, bullying in schools, designing an effective curriculum, and the wider dissemination of education. The consulting firm also has developed resources, strategies, and methodologies to develop solutions to various contemporary business problems.

The firm was established in early 2013. Consultants at Hassan's Consult bring specific expertise to the company, and they come from diverse backgrounds, thus enriching the experience of the firm. They have exchanged important information and ideas about how to tackle business and educational issues. They are able to conduct meticulous research and ask appropriate questions toward finding effective market-driven solutions. Not only are the consultants critical and creative thinkers, they also are equipped with the relevant academic and professional skills and experience.

The firm has two main branches: Business and Education. In Education, Hassan's Consult's focus is on helping institutions design better curricula as well as offer ideas to improve the administrative policies and structure of the institution. The firm will also advise the institution on developing weekend and after-school programs. These include remedial, enrichment, and virtual programs.

Business consultants will offer ideas on transitional, situational, and transformational leadership in the business field. Many businesses are plagued by internal strife. The consultants at Hassan's Consult are able to propose ideas toward conflict resolution, and how to build a harmonious and cohesive business environment to maximize team effort. The firm offers individualized guidance that is urgently needed to address challenges companies and institutions face in today's complex global economy.

Consultants are willing to work within the financial and institutional frameworks of the schools and companies seeking their service. They are always ready to listen carefully and offer solutions that are workable within the guidelines of their clients' resources.

The consultants also provide training for their clients on how to best utilize their human and material resources: how to prioritize goals, develop new goals, create a vision for the future, and assess the needs of their clients in a volatile and changing world. Hassan's Consult has a bright future in the field of consulting. Hassan's Consult is on facebook, twitter and linkden. Please visit the company website at