01/11/2017 05:57 EST | Updated 01/11/2017 06:09 EST

5 Must-Try Canadian Food Trucks To Try This Winter

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Food truck open and porked in the street

Shoveling one metre of snow (which arrived overnight) and scraping ice off of your car's window at 6 a.m., are difficult parts of winter in the Great White North. But there's one winter drawback that's impossible for many Canadians to get used to -- the food trucks disappearing.

Many food truck companies attribute their need to hibernate until the warmer months of spring to smaller crowds of customers and difficulty keeping their vehicles functioning properly in the bitter cold.

However, there are a handful of die-hard food truck owners scattered throughout Canada's most popular cities that insist on providing their on-the-go eats to locals and visitors in all seasons. These five food trucks are ones that will continue to warm your belly and your soul throughout the frigid winter months.

Chimney Stax -- Toronto

There may be snow on the ground and frost covering the outside edges of the Chimney Stax Baking Co., food truck, but you'll find warmth in every bite of freshly-baked goodness you buy. A Chimney Stack is traditionally a freshly-baked piece of vegan dough rolled through cinnamon, sprinkles, or other sweet toppings. The Chimney Stax crew sees themselves as a tasty vegan alternative to Canada's famous BeaverTails and Tiny Toms, but they're not just designed for those with dietary restrictions. You can taste your first (or one-hundredth) Chimney Stack on the corner of Yonge and Eglinton in downtown Toronto from early morning until 10 p.m.

Fat Duck Mobile Eatery -- Vancouver

Fat Duck has become a mobile food icon in Vancouver, and the owners know cravings can't be put on hold for winter. The truck's 4.5-star rating on Yelp and constant rave reviews prove locals would be beside themselves if the food truck, serving its take on "urban country cooking," went into hibernation. Known for providing "slow food fast," you'll be wowed by five-star menu items like duck confit and turducken tacos, which are prepared in minutes and for affordable prices.

Deadbeetz -- Victoria

Find yourself at the Royal BC Museum in downtown Victoria, and you may want to spend your ticket money on food instead. Try the signature Beatrice beef burger, complete with homemade pickled beets and healthy root vegetable chips, or fill your stomach for the day with the Dolly P. Tennessee Cheese Burger. This food truck serves a unique menu of West Coast-style burgers that are so tasty they were featured on the fifth season of Food Network's Eat St.

Via Tevere Neapolitan Express Food Truck -- Vancouver

Bite into authentic Neapolitan cuisine on the go at Via Tevere Neapolitan Express on the corner of Burrard and West Pender Streets in Coal Harbour throughout the winter months. You won't find your favourite Via Tevere pizzas aboard the truck, but you won't be disappointed when you bite into the Caprese, Prosciutto/Arugula or Ciccioso wood-fired sandwiches. The menu is small, but the food has been perfected, and you'll always be welcomed to enjoy a true Neapolitan experience.

Jamaica Lee Style Cuisine -- Halifax

Take a trip to Jamaica in the middle of Halifax and in the heart of January at the Jamaica Lee Style Cuisine food truck. Try authentic island eats prepared by a Jamaican chef who specializes in oxtails, jerk chicken, curried chicken, and beef patties from the inside of his converted green and black minibus at 130 Main St. And if you have a hankering for a delicious dessert, track down Ol' School Donuts as they cruise throughout Dartmouth serving warm, fresh, and award-winning donuts from their difficult-to-miss tricked-out school bus.

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