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Escape The Cold To A Water Wonderland

Most Canadians start to forget the feeling of lounging in warm air and diving into refreshing turquoise waters this time of year. Whether you're planning an upcoming trip or are vicariously travelling from your sofa, these water wonderlands from around the world are guaranteed to take you on an adventure.

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Panoramic view of Lake Como in Northern Italy and the beautiful midieval village of Varenna with people walking along the scenic walkway on the waters edge.A popular tourist destination.

There's nothing quite like admiring your destination from the edge of an infinity pool. And few things make you feel more fortunate to be in the wild than feeling the mist of a waterfall after a grueling hike.

Most Canadians start to forget the feeling of lounging in warm air and diving into refreshing turquoise waters this time of year. Whether you're planning an upcoming trip or are vicariously travelling from your sofa, these water wonderlands from around the world are guaranteed to take you on an adventure.

Marina Bay Sands Resort -- Singapore

Singapore's Skypark Pool at the Marina Bay Sands Resort is a place you'll never want to leave. Why go sightseeing when you can see the shining city lights from the edge of an infinity pool surrounded by palm trees? It's known as the largest and highest infinity pool in the world, leaving plenty of room for every guest to enjoy a bit of privacy. You must stay at the Marina Bay Sands Resort to use its pool facilities, but you won't be disappointed by the numerous award-winning restaurants, entertainment options, shops and spas that you'll experience without ever having to leave Marina Bay Sands.

Gold Nugget Pool -- Las Vegas

As with most things in Las Vegas, the Gold Nugget Pool is over-the-top. At the center of the pool, visitors will find a full aquarium, loaded with sharks and other marine life. The Golden Nugget Pool will transport you to the tropical reefs of an island paradise in the heart of the Nevada desert. Don't forget to take a run down the three-story-tall waterslide that flies past sharks through the heart of the tank.

Taranaki Falls -- New Zealand

Few places in the world make you appreciate the outdoors more than New Zealand. Taranaki Falls is located inside Tongariro National Park and takes about a 2-hour round-trip journey to reach. Prepare to be amazed when you arrive at the falls to see water rushing 20-meters down from the edge of a massive lava flow that erupted from Mt. Ruapehu roughly 15,000 years ago. The red, black and white volcanic rock that surrounds the fall and the pool below creates colorful and dramatic photo opportunities.

Havasu Falls -- Arizona

You don't have to travel far to reach one of the world's most sought-after waterfalls. Havasu Falls, located in the Havasupai Indian Reservation of the Grand Canyon, stuns its visitors with blue-green waters that obtain their color from large amounts of magnesium. The red cliffs surrounding the falls are similar to those you'll see in the Grand Canyon, but you'll have to stop snapping photos to take a dip in the crystal clear waters.

Saona Island -- Dominican Republic

The postcard-worthy beaches of Saona island offer untouched white sand, tropical blue waters and palm trees as far as the eye can see. This mystical island is located off of the southeast tip of the Dominican Republic, and a visit there is a must-do day trip for any visitor to the country.

Cascais Beaches -- Portugal

Travellers don't often imagine Portugal as a happening beach destination, but anyone who has visited Cascais Beach knows different. Cascais' northern beaches are more desirable for bodyboarders, surfers and travellers seeking a less-developed beach atmosphere. However, the eastern beaches are more family-friendly with places to dine, shop and use the facilities. The Cascais beaches are just 40 minutes from Lisbon by car, so they do fill up in the summer months.

Saturnia -- Italy

You don't have to travel to the warmest places in the world to enjoy a dip in the water. Saturnia is Tuscany's spa town, and there's no place else like it in the world. Visitors can spend days lounging in the toasty-warm, sulphurous spring waters, which hover at 37.5-degrees Celsius. Even better, the town's thermal pools are known for their healing qualities.

Banff Upper Hot Springs -- Canada

Travellers don't even have to leave Canada to find a place to swim outdoors among picturesque scenery. The Banff Upper Hot Springs sit among the towering peaks of the Canadian Rockies and offer warmth to visitors at all times of day. The thermal pool appears to be an everyday pool nestled in the area's evergreen trees, but you'll notice the difference as soon as you dip your toes into the 38-degree (Celsius) waters.

Cenote Dzitnup -- Mexico

Most visitors to Mexico find themselves sipping summery cocktails on pristine beaches. However, Mexico is a country of many wonders, including the Cenote Dzitnup. The underground swimming hole is surrounded by limestone formations that arch over the swimmers lounging in the 76-degree water. This famous cenote on the Yucatan Peninsula features a small opening in the top of the cave that helps sunlight shine on the naturally-beautiful water.

Giola Lagoon -- Greece

Greece is a country known for its famed ruins, historic architecture and diverse Mediterranean beaches. The Giola Lagoon is none of the above -- it's a natural lagoon, perfect for swimming, that has been carved in the seaside rocks. The rocks are terraced and pleasant for walking or lounging, but it's swimming among some of the world's most beautiful scenery that attracts most visitors. The Giola Lagoon is located near the Greek town of Astris, and it's a hot spot among locals and visitors in the warmer months.

Königssee Lake -- Germany

If you're seeking a lake that will fill your camera's memory card with postcard-like photos, this natural lake in the southeast Berchtesgadener Land district is it. It's the deepest lake in Germany and is expected to have been formed during the last ice age. However, it's not the depth of the lake that will catch your eye. It's the unique look of the lake, which appears more like a fjord, surrounded by mountains reaching up to 2,700-meters tall. Another sight to behold is the view of the adorable village of Königssee from the milk-glass waters.

Lake Como -- Italy

Lake Como's location, roughly 1.5 hours by car from Milan, makes it an ideal destination for a day trip from the city. It's one of the country's most famous lakes for its surrounding tree-covered mountains, relaxing spas and the likelihood of snapping photos of wildlife during your stay. The lake forks into two long, thinner sections with the town of Bellagio sitting where they part. A trip from Milan to Lake Como can easily be done in a day, but you may want to stay at least one night to admire the lake from one of the many luxury villas among the trees above.

The world is littered with awesome places to jump into the water and leave all of your worries behind. Find out more about some of the world's best pools, waterfalls, beaches, hot springs, caves and lakes or find one near you by clicking here.