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Top Small Towns In Canada

With the Canadian dollar continuing to decrease, this list of 50 small towns in Canada would make a great option for a family, a couple or even a group of friends. These destinations can easily be explored as a weekend getaway or simply hopping on a quick flight.
Fabulous Autumn landscape of Kluane Lake. Yukon, Canada.
Fabulous Autumn landscape of Kluane Lake. Yukon, Canada.

You've probably heard of -- or even been to -- Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver or Calgary. When Canadians or international travellers plan a trip to Canada, they tend to choose these and other major cities as travel destinations. However, the Great White North offers far more than these metropolitan cities.

With the Canadian dollar continuing to decrease, this list of 50 small towns in Canada would make a great option for a family, a couple or even a group of friends. These destinations can easily be explored as a weekend getaway or simply hopping on a quick flight.

Dawson Creek, BC

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Town's Best Features

The Dawson Creek community is known for its rich history and is loaded with heritage and historic sites. It's the Mile "0" site for the Alaska Highway and is home to some of the last remaining original structures of the highway.

Why should people visit Dawson Creek?

Visitors should head to Dawson Creek for its hiking trails, which wind through meadows and mountain ranges to waterfalls. Travelers who enjoy spending plenty of time outside on lakes or trails will love the natural serenity Dawson Creek provides.

Dawson Creek Fun Fact

Dawson Creek's Kiskatinaw Bridge is one of the Alaska Highway's last remaining original structures.

What's an attraction in your town that every visitor must see/do?

Every visitor should spend time camping, fishing or bird watching at some of Dawson Creek's provincial parks, including Kiskatinaw, One Island Lake and Swan Lake.

Camrose, AB

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Town's Best Features

Camrose is often praised for its hospitable community, a gorgeous parks system and some of the best recreational facilities in the country.

Why Should People Visit Camrose?

Anyone who likes to spend much of their vacation outside will fall in love with Camrose. The city offers an array of outdoor skating rinks, golf courses and parks that will make you feel like you're lightyears away from downtown. Although, visitors are always just minutes from Camrose's 27 unique downtown boutiques.

Camrose Fun Fact

Camrose is situated among some of Alberta's richest prairies and farmland.

What's an attraction in your city/town that every visitor must see/do?

Every visitor should spend plenty of time dining, shopping and admiring Camrose's charming downtown district.

Nipawin, SK

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Town's Best Features

Nipawin is known as "Saskatchewan's Playground," and its best features are those that can be found outdoors -- scenic campsites, pristine golf courses, and lakes for fishing, boating and nearly any watersport you can imagine.

Why should people visit Nipawin?

Nipawin is a place to visit for non-stop fun. Visitors can spend long days outside hunting, fishing, boating and hiking or explore some of Nipawin's locally famous restaurants, museums and shops. There's something for everyone in this small, outdoorsy Saskatchewan town.

Nipawin Fun Fact

The famed "Old CPR Bridge" was built in 1928. Before the bridge was constructed, settlers crossed the waterway on a cable-guided ferry.

What's an attraction every visitor must see/do?

Every visitor should spend at least a day out on Tobin Lake or Codette Lake. Boats can be rented from the local resorts and rental companies at most times of year.

Website: Nipawin, SK

The Pas, MB

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Town's Best Features

The Pas is known as one of the oldest settlements in northern Manitoba, and it's home to one of few true blue lakes in the world. It's the area's striking natural beauty that draws in visitors at all times of year.

Why should people visit The Pas?

There's no doubt you can spend days admiring The Pas' natural beauty, but you'll want to get out and enjoy it too. This progressive community makes an ideal homebase for hunting, fishing and other outdoor excursions.

The Pas Fun Fact

The Northern Lights can be seen year-round in The Pas.

What's an attraction every visitor must see/do?

If possible, plan your visit around one of The Pas' famous annual events, the Trapper's Festival, the Opasquia Indian Days, the Agricultural Fair or one of many others.

Website: The Pas

Bracebridge, ON

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Town's Best Features

Bracebridge celebrates the "Art of Muskoka Living" and will win you over with its small town charm. Manitoba Street is one of the town's best features, offerin a place for locals and visitors to catch up with a cup of coffee, shop or dine.

Why should people visit Bracebridge?

Bracebridge is a place to escape the stresses of everyday life and get outside on the lakes and trails (whether snowy or sunny), dine at some fabulous restaurants featuring locally produced fare and enjoy some amazing and unique festivals that embody the iconic Muskoka lifestyle.

Bracebridge Fun Fact

Bracebridge is location on the 45th parallel.

What's an attraction every visitor must see/do?

Visit in the summer or over the Christmas season and you must see Santa's Village, a Christmas village attracting more than 80,000 visitors each year.

Saint Alexis Des Mont, QC

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Town's Best Features

Saint Alexis Des Monts' location is what makes it so undeniably special. It's easy to pass days, weeks or months exploring the Laurentian Mountains on foot, bike, cross-country skis or snowshoes.

Why should people visit Saint Alexis Des Mont?

Saint Alexis Des Monts will likely be one of the most beautiful places you'll ever visit. You'll find it difficult to leave the stunning Laurentian Mountain scenery, historic town, and the area's never-ending, natural outdoor playground.

Saint Alexis Des Mont Fun Fact

Saint Alexis Des Monts depends heavily on outdoor tourism. In fact, the town's seasonal population grows by nearly 10,000 because of its ideal mountain location.

What's an attraction every visitor must see/do?

Saint Alexis Des Monts is known for its variety of luxurious spas. Spend a day at the Geos Spa Sacacomie or the Serenita Spa Auberge to ease your muscles after days of adventure in the Laurentian Mountains.

Riverview, NB

Town's Best Features

Riverview is a scenic town along the Petitcodiac River. The town's numerous parks, annual festivities and recreational centers make it an ideal place for families or anyone seeking a fun-packed getaway with plenty of time spent outside.

Why should people visit Riverview?

Riverview is New Brunswick's fifth largest municipality, which makes it the perfect place for Canadians who are seeking a little more. It's loaded with renowned restaurants, countless parks, a long list of annual events, trails, shops, galleries and plenty of things to do for visitors of all ages.

Riverview Fun Fact

Riverview possesses one of Canada's seven Nav Canada control centers, which serve air traffic over Prince Edward Island, eastern Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

What's an attraction every visitor must see/do?

Hike the Riverfront Trail, which winds along the Petitcodiac River and is a hotspot for seeing waterfowl and other local wildlife.

Summerside, PEI

Town's Best Features

Summerside is the second largest city in Prince Edward Island, which means there is a long list of things to do on your visit. The happening boardwalk, plentiful shopping centers, award-winning restaurants, and endless list of ocean activities make it a must-visit PEI town.

Why should people visit Summerside?

Summerside is a place to experience Prince Edward Island to the fullest. The fresh-caught seafood and stunning ocean views are reason enough to spend several days in this hip, artsy and historic seaside town.

Summerside Fun Fact

The Summerside Raceway is believed to be Canada's oldest operating race track. It opened in 1886.

What's an attraction every visitor must see/do?

Catch a show at the Harbourfront Theatre, a theatre that has been known to attract some of the world's best entertainers. The oceanside boardwalk is also a must-visit place for some of Summerside's most scenic shopping and dining.

Yarmouth, NS

Town's Best Features

Yarmouth's place as one of the most happening towns on the Bay of Fundy means visitors enjoy an endless list of things to do. The natural scenery and easy ocean access are the town's best features, offering a multitude of on and off-water outdoor activities.

Why should people visit Yarmouth?

Yarmouth is a place for seafood lovers and ocean enthusiasts. Days can easily be spent dining at world-class seafood restaurants, exploring main street, gawking at cruise ships and discovering historic Bay of Fundy homes.

Yarmouth Fun Fact

Yarmouth is located among the world's largest lobster fishing grounds.

What's an attraction every visitor must see/do?

Take a kayaking tour with an experienced and knowledgeable guide to discover Yarmouth from a different angle.

Labrador City, NL

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City's Best Features

Labrador City's best features are its natural ones. The small town in western Newfoundland and Labrador is known for its surrounding nature, which is ideal for hiking, hunting, fishing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and countless other outdoor activities for every season.

Why Should People Visit Labrador City?

Visitors are welcomed with open arms in Labrador City. The local businesses all wish to share their piece of paradise and help you relax among some of Newfoundland and Labrador's most stunning scenery.

Labrador City Fun Fact

Labrador City is the Iron Ore Capital of Canada.

What's an attraction in your city/town that every visitor must see/do?

Watson Lake, YK

Town's Best Features

Watson Lake is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights. However, the town's impressive Northern Lights museum, Mt. Maichen Ski Hill and cool downtown area offer a little bit of something for every type of traveler.

Why should people visit Watson Lake?

Visitors should head to Watson Lake to admire the stunning Aurora Borealis displays and discover all of the science and folklore associated with the phenomenon. The town's Northern Lights Center is one of the best places to learn about the Northern Lights in the world, with interactive displays and a state-of-the-art dome.

Watson Lake, YK Fun Fact

Watson Lake's famous Signpost Forest features more than 72,000 signs.

What's an attraction every visitor must see/do?

Every visitor must spend a night outside admiring Watson Lake's spectacular Northern Lights displays. And no visit to the town is complete without seeing the incredible, world-famous Signpost Forest.

Website: Watson Lake

Inuvik, NWT

Town's Best Features

Inuvik lies at the end of the world-famous Dempster Highway and has been welcoming visitors since it was built in 1961 as the hub of the Western Arctic. Located 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, and just 100 kilometres from the Arctic Ocean, the town calls the beautiful Mackenzie Delta home. Whether enjoying summer activities under the midnight sun, or winter activities under the aurora borealis, Inuvik is sure to please everyone.

Why should people visit Inuvik?

We are a fully functioning urban area with all the expected amenities of a southern town - except we are in the Arctic!

Inuvik Fun Fact

We are the home of the Muskrat Jamboree and the annual reindeer crossing. Each spring, a managed herd of more than 3,000 reindeer make their way from the foothills to cross the frozen Mackenzie River Ice Road near Inuvik on their way to a small island in the Canadian Arctic that serves as their calving grounds.

What's an attraction every visitor must see/do?

In winter, drive the ice road from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk (and the Arctic Ocean) - just like the Ice Road Truckers. In the warmer months, take in the local sights - visit the Igloo Church, see the Greenhouse (North America's northernmost commercial greenhouse), play a round of golf and boat through the Mackenzie Delta.

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