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Getting What You Want in Life Is a Lot Like Great Sex

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"Take off your clothes. Go deeper. Get kinky."

Whether in the sheets or the streets, these powerful words of wisdom can actually motivate us all to live with greater joy and fulfillment.

It's in these moments of life where we experience pure passion and have what I call a "life orgasm."

A life orgasm is a moment when your inner values align with your outer reality. It's when you want to moan about how incredibly awesome your life is.

If you don't know what this feels like, maybe you're still a virgin. Maybe you haven't had a moment where you feel like what's happening on the outside is in sync with what's happening on the inside. Maybe you don't know what it's like to live with purpose, rather than just exist.

Before you become the next 40-year-old virgin, it's time to get your head in the gutter. Here are the 10 steps to having your first life orgasm:

1. Get Naked.

We can't know what we want until we first know who we are. So shed off all of those layers you've been piling onto your identity over the years. These could be labels given to you by society or all the masks you wear that don't represent who you really are.

Take off all those layers so we can get to your naked inner core.

2. Arouse Your Passions.

Find out what turns you on in life. What inspires you to take action? What do you look forward to when you wake up in the morning? If money were not an object or an obstacle, how would you spend your time?

Remember, passion is sexy. As you become passionate about something, this energy attracts other people and possibilities into your life.

3. Stimulate Your Vision.

Create a compelling vision of your future. What do you want your life to look like in a year from now? Five years from now?

Get excited about who's going to be in your life, where you're going to be and how you're going to spend your time. Once you start gaining clarity on where you want your life to go, you'll start gaining the momentum to move forward.

4. Find the Hole.

The hole represents the gap from where you are now and where you want to be. Figure out what's keeping you from reaching your desired vision. Is it an outer obstacle, like time, location or money? Or is it an inner block, such as having fear, anxiety or confusion?

When you know what's in your way, you can begin closing the gap.

5. Wear a Courage-Coated Condom.

Protect yourself from any doubt, anxiety, or shamefully transmitted diseases by slapping on a courage condom. A courage condom shields you from the inner critic telling you that you're not good enough to live the life of your dreams.

Courage is what tells your fears to take a seat. It's what motivates us to move forward even when we don't know may lie ahead.

6. Penetrate the Unknown.

Remember, the tip will only get you so far. Go full out by thrusting yourself outside your comfort zone and into the abyss of the unknown.

Yes, it's scary at first, so embrace the feelings of vulnerability because you'll soon be celebrating all the growth you'll experience.

7. Go Deeper and Deeper...

... into your commitments. Have a way to hold yourself accountable to sticking with your goals. Setting an intention is worthless, unless you have a way to keep yourself focused on your vision.

To guarantee your climax, develop a plan to prevent yourself from getting distracted. This can mean setting small goals, measuring your progress and reflecting on ways to improve.

8. The Kinkier, the Better.

Whoever said life orgasms were all work and no play? There are so many different positions and paths you can take in life, so start exploring what feels best for you.

Try something you've never tried before but have always wanted to try. Don't let the status quo hold you back from being curious and creative.

9. Moan so the Whole World Can Hear.

Passion kept to yourself isn't sexy. Openly express your gifts, strengths and talents. (They're already there, even if you don't notice them yet.)

Moan in a way that lets others know you're here and ready to serve the world. Allow nothing to hold you back from sharing all you have to offer because you already have so much.

10. Invite Others to Join You.

Whoever said you're in this alone? Getting what you want is more fun when you have others willing to play along.

Gather a group of supportive coaches, mentors and friends who are willing to not only hold your hand but kick your booty along the way.

If you know somebody who could really use a life orgasm, share this post with them. As for you, congratulations on popping your purpose-filled cherry.

Frank Macri is a Career Transition Coach who supports those who feel stressed by their job and want to find work that is meaningful. He also uploads weekly YouTube videos where he answers questions sent in by viewers and shares clips from his life as an expat. For more, go click here.


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